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Occurred : 8/2/2011 02:00 (Entered as : 08/02/11 2:00)
Reported: 8/2/2011 1:41:18 AM 01:41
Posted: 8/7/2011
Location: Memphis, TN
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:6-7 mins
VERY LOW OBJECT w/ LIGHTS, sounded like helicopter, but WAS NOT! Circled several times.

This evening, about 2:00am CDT, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I heard what sounded like a helicopter circling the building really low. I figured it was a helicopter going to the local hospital and dismissed it as not a big deal. Then, I was still sitting there and heard it come back around again. I turned off the window unit air conditioner to see if I could hear it better. It was close. I got up, opened the balcony door and looked outside and there was a dark cylindar-outline object with 2 lights on the rear, a red and a green one. The red one was blinking, I think. One of them was blinking. There was also a spotlight on the front of the object. The object also looked to have dark circles on the cylinder part that were just part of the craft itself, they were not lit up and hardly visible. I screamed bloody murder to my girlfriend to wake up and to see what I was seeing. She started to brush it off and was sleeping. About that time! , I heard the sound of it fading back in towards me again. Here it came again! She got up this time and witnessed what I described above. It was NOT a helicopter. I thought it was when I heard it and even thought it still could have been after seeing it the first time because everything was so dark that I wanted to be really sure, but no, it was not a helicopter. It was flying just as low as one though and when I first saw it, the cylinder dark part of it was facing slighting downwards, like it was looking for someone or something. My girlfriend went back to bed, upset that she had to get up in a few hours, otherwise, I know she would not have wanted to miss the rest of this. I stood there for a few seconds after it flew over that time and here it came again. This time I knew it would. I was excited and also kind of scared. I had no idea what it was really doing, but it was astonishing to be so close to something that I could tell was not man-made. When it came a! round this time, it started heading directly West, right towar! ds me, r ight towards my balcony door. That's when I saw it shift it's light and knew that it did, in fact, have control over it's headlight/spotlight. It never pointed the light directly into my apartment, but it pointed it right over me and I know that whatever was inside of the object definitely, without a doubt, saw me. I was freaked out at this point because I have heard stories and read things about abductions and I was just not ready at this time, if this is what was planned. So, I freaked out a little bit. The object was flying directly over the 3-story leasing house next door that is only about 15 feet away from my balcony. There is only a small space in between my building and the leasing office (it's a 3-story brick house). The house has a chimney about 10 feet tall with an old antenna coming off of it that's about another 3 feet. The object flew RIGHT ABOVE the antenna. I'm telling you this object was no more than 15 feet above my head. At this angle, it appeare! d "wider" or "fatter" more like a soda can, than it had from seeing it from the side. I had grabbed a notebook and pen during all this and had began making sketches of it and I can see it in my mind, but was finding it hard to draw it on paper. I have the sketches and am about to try to draw them in Paint or something.

We have been seeing objects for weeks and have been making reports here and have contacted MUFON on a local level here to investigate. They are usually silver cigar/cylinder shaped and make no sound and appear to glide across the sky, seeming to appear out of nowhere. We have witnessed them traveling slightly faster and higher than airplanes with a contrail of 2 lines that runs very close together and parallel and we have seen them fly slower than airplanes, at the same higher altitude with no contrails or sound whatsoever. Recently, we have seen them appear, flying faster than airplanes with the "double contrail" then slow down, and have ZERO contrail and still no sound. All of these are cigar-shaped and I have emailed you guys a picture I drew this last week or so of one of these objects and what I have seen on them that sometimes looks like a "fin" or a "straw" type of object stemming from the cylinder itself. They are usually so high it's hard to make out what's on ! the object. We have also noticed when it starts to get dark around 8:25pm, these same objects have a visible blinking red light on the top of them, sometimes in the middle of the cylinder and we have also seen them towards the tail end. Tonight, we wanted to see if we could see them after dark, so we went out around 10pm and observed several of these objects in the sky at the same time... 2 or 3 sharing the sky at the same time within our field of view (which is limited from our balcony because of the house next door and trees across the street and we absolutely cannot see West or North at all). These objects blinked erracticly like red/red/white/red/red/red/white/white/red/white/red/red/red, flashing brightly.

I also want to add after the close encounter highlight event of this evening/morning, I did actually see a REAL helicopter through the window, with the door closed, and was actually unable to hear it at all whatsoever. To me, this is proof that this other object was even louder than a normal helicopter and certainly much lower.

Last, but not least, this may be the weirdest part in all of this, but hopefully you guys know how often we see this things now. Well, sometimes when we are out watching them, I kind of say to them (the objects) that I wish they would come closer or lower so that we can view them. I know this is going to sound really, really crazy, but it almost like this object wanted us to see it. I did not witness anyone outside during this commotion of this craft, nor did I hear or see anybody afterwards. It is like a desert town outside. It is eerily calm and quiet.

I also want to add, although I do not fully know its significance, that last week sometime (not sure of the day) around 1 AM, I was sitting up by myself watching TV while my girlfriend was asleep. I heard a very loud and very close BANG! right outside my window. I then saw a flash of light right after it happened. It was so sudden, so unexpected, so immediately unexplainable as anything natural at all, that my heart sank to my stomach and it began pounding. I was so scared, I was literally frozen and did not know what to do. Once I calmed down, I looked outside and decided that maybe somebody had busted a lightbulb out or something like that, but that doesn't even make sense either. It was much louder than that and certainly on my level (the 2nd floor) and close enough that my neighbor lady on my level would have heard it and the guy that lives below her. It was still after that. No sound, nothing. I told my girlfriend about it the next day and there was nothing out! side at all to remotely explain the sound. Nothing was broken. There were no large holes in anything. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until last night, around the same time I heard the noise before, around 1:20am, there was a loud BANG! boom, boom. then a rumble that lasted for a couple seconds. This was NOT lightning. It was not thunder. It was not storming. There were no rain clouds. There was nobody outside. Everything was still. This scared the crap out of my girlfriend and it was almost like I didn't even flinch this time, even though it sounded like a shotgun went off outside my window and not even both of our windows, only one window. That's how localized this sound was. So, this evening before I heard the helicopter sound, I had looked at the clock at around 1:50am and decided that I guess we weren't going to hear that noise again tonight. We had agreed to pay attention to the time in case it happens again (not that you wouldn't hear it), but she went to ! bed and I was still up and didn't hear anything. It wasn't ev! en 10 mi nutes later when the helicopter noise began. I hope you guys can make some sense of all of this. I'm just along for the ride here, apparently.

((NUFORC Note: Student report. One of several from the same source. PD))