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Occurred : 7/28/2011 08:30 (Entered as : 7/28/11 8:30)
Reported: 7/30/2011 1:02:08 AM 01:02
Posted: 8/7/2011
Location: Atlanta, GA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4 Minutes
Triangular light followed by red ball of light seen in Atlanta, Georgia

My friend and I were sitting outside stargazing when something captured our eyes. We had already been outside for about 15 minutes when we saw a bright light coming towards us across the sky from a distance. It was traveling much faster than any man made aircraft or jet plane would travel at.

At first we had not a clue of what it could be but at this point we knew for sure it was not an airplane or human made aircraft of any kind. As this object passed right above us it slowed down at a very speedy rate. The object first turned out as a large orange ball of light going at a tremendous speed, but as it got closer it appeared to have the shape of a triangle.

We could see a large orange triangle shaped light in the center. We could also see that there were 3 blue lights moving in a circular motion around this bright Orange triangle light. We felt almost as if something in this craft were watching us back.

This object was the brightest flying object we had ever seen in the sky in our life. The object hovered for about another minute or so and disappeared within the blink of an eye. Not even 30 seconds after this craft disappeared an enormous solid red ball of light passed by in the same path as the other UFO we had just believed to witness. These objects were completely silent as well and flew about 500 feet above us.

My friend and I remain baffled.