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Occurred : 3/12/2011 04:00 (Entered as : 3/12/11 4:00)
Reported: 4/4/2011 7:55:36 PM 19:55
Posted: 5/2/2011
Location: Spring Grove, PA
Shape: Unknown
UFO spotted in the Pigeon Hills (Spring Grove) again

I reported a UFO that I witnessed on 12/27/09. My neighbor and his brother knew of this sightings as I told them. My neighbor texted me on the 27th of March and asked if I've seen his brother? I said no and why. He proceeded to tell me that his brother saw what I saw this morning. (3/12/11). and he can't find him.

He thought he may be over to my house telling me what he saw. I drove over to my neighbor's house that morning to find out what was going on. Only thing he knew was his brother was awaken my his dog and he let his dog outside that morning thing that he had to do his business. His dog ran back back in and got under the bed. His brother went outside and seen nothing but felt his hair stand up on his neck.

He went back in and came back out and look around and saw it. Interesting enough as he was telling me what his brother was telling me, I explained that my dog at 4:00 - 4:15 started barking wildly as though there was an intruder in the house.

I jumped out of the bed and found nothing. I didn't go outside at the time. I went back to bed. Around 5:00 am, she woke me up this time I went let her out to do her business. This time I went out with her and looked around but I didn't see anything.

Later that day, I got a chance to speak to my neighbor's brother and he explained to me what he saw. HE didn't describe the object only to say it was larger and it was coming from my direction and moving just above the tree tops with no sound. It was pitch black outside but he was able to make out how larger this object was. It was large. The size of a cloud and just above the tree top floating with no sound.

He said he froze and watched this object glide and turn the same time as it continued to move just above the tree tops heading west north. Than it started to shimmer as if it was being bath in water and it disappeared.

I've being in touch with my neighbor since than wanting to talk to his brother and he tells me that he told his brother that I want to talk to him again since his sighting knowing t hat after a couple of days he would remember more of what he saw. My neigbor told me that his brother won't even talk on it and he said that which I do remember him telling me the same and that is if we tell other people and they come and ask him about it he will denied it.

My neighbor also told me that his brother is different ever since he saw this. I explained to both my neighbor and his brother that what ever is going on in the Pigeon Hills it will be back.

My dog apparently is keen to protecting me or aware of what his going. Because she is awaking me. I know what ever is going on it will be back and I have my camera ready.