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Occurred : 3/26/2011 20:00 (Entered as : 03/26/2011 20:00)
Reported: 3/29/2011 2:58:21 AM 02:58
Posted: 4/3/2011
Location: Pretoria (South Africa),
Shape: Unknown
Duration:3 MINUTES
Lights in the sky that moved like no manned aircraft can possibly move

At about 20h00 on 26 March 2011 I joined my wife who was sitting outside our home. The sun had already set. I noticed lights moving strangely behind our neighbours tree(in the southern sky). I asked her if she noticed it too and she said yes. Then, whatever it was, moved upwards and we could see it clearly. Whatever it was had 5 lights. Three yellow lights at the centre, a blue flashing light on one side and a red flashing light on the other. The lights were the same size and the flashing lights flashed out of sync. The way this thing maneuvered tells me it could not be a manned aircraft.I am a pilot and I know these maneuveres cant be done. For about 3 minutes it flew up, then shot left at high speed, then right again then shot up. It moved very fast, very erratically. My wife ran into the house to fetch a camera, but by the time she was ready to start filming it had dissapeared behind the treeline again. We stayed outside and it appeared again at about 21h 30, but this time only for a few seconds. We spent the next 3 hours outside hoping it would return again, but it didnt. The only logical explanation I have is that someone was flying a R/C aircraft at night, because it moved too fast and changed direction too fast for it to have been manned. The only problem with this explanation is that there is an airport to the east of my home and flying R/C aircraft in the area is not allowed. This thing also didnt make any sound.