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Occurred : 3/19/2011 23:45 (Entered as : 03/19/11 23:45)
Reported: 3/24/2011 6:52:53 PM 18:52
Posted: 4/3/2011
Location: Winnipeg (Canada), MB
Shape: Other
Duration:3 - 4 Hours
Double sighting on night of "Super Moon"

This is my report concerning the night of March 19th, 2011 in River Heights, Winnipeg, Mb, Canada. I will separate facts, things I know for sure, definitely saw and could find no other explanation for. The rest will be put in a category for speculation, what I may have seen, what might have meant something, things with potential other explanations.

Summary of Events Sitting in a friends place at around 23:45 that night, my 2 friends and I decided to go out to the hot tub in his backyard. We got to talking about the sky and how unusually red it was; I attempted to explain that it might have something to do with low cloud cover that night and the reflection of the city’s street lights. The conversation continued, we get to talking about UFOs and my friend recounts his encounter with one. I firmly believe him to be telling the truth though his is another story. My other friend says that she doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff; we just start to discuss it a little more, trying to convince her that they are indeed quite likely real. All of a sudden, two impossibly bright blue-green flashes one after the other accompanied by a small buzzing sound from the south east interrupts our conversation. All of us very surprised at the odd timing of such a flash begin talking about it; at this point we start to hear sirens. The odd thing about these! sirens is that they don’t seem to be moving, nor do they sound like any emergency vehicle that I’ve ever heard. We hear no thunder and yet the flash was quite close, I’d say at most 5 kilometers away. Logically, had it been lightning, we should have heard thunder.

Though the night is cold, we get out of the hot tub and run to the street; we have to know what it was that we saw. At the end of the street, it becomes clear that we aren’t dressed properly enough to continue searching. We run back to my friend’s house quickly, where we change and dry off in a rush. My friend who owns the house decides to stay behind. Me and my other friend then quickly get our shoes on and run back to the end of the street. We see nothing and decide to walk in the direction of the flash.

As we get closer to the end of the block nearby we start to hear that same buzzing noise that accompanied the flash of light. Our eyes leap to the skies in case we happen to see something. At first there is nothing, and then suddenly we see a shape in the sky moving quickly, from the direction of the flash and with only that same buzzing sound. At first it appears to be saucer-like in shape but as it gets closer, it begins to look more like a helicopter with some fairly notable differences. No rotating chopper, nor is there any sound that would suggest it was a helicopter. The sky still a bright red color created contrast against the dark vehicle above us and allowed us to see its shape quite clearly. On one side there was a red light and on the other was a green one. At the tail end of the UFO, there was another kind of light between a long narrow cross section at the back, this one clearly different from the others; it had a luminescent glow to it and seemed to be white at! times and at others it would appear to be every color I could imagine. It flew right over top of us with speed I’ve never seen by anything in the air before. It flew low, at most about a kilometer above us. We noticed that though it moved at least faster than the speed of sound yet there was no sonic boom to follow it, similar to the flash of light which also should have been accompanied by a loud noise.

At first we struggle to wrap our heads around what we’ve just seen. Once again we hear these similar sirens, no audible movement nor, do they sound normal. We decide to continue in the direction the UFO came from and walk up to a nearby field behind a community center. Once we arrived, the sky seemed to have lost its characteristic red glow. We noticed that where there happened to be a baseball diamond in this field, the ground was completely covered in fairly smooth, unnatural ice, with a pitcher’s mound that seemed to be made of snow. The ice was quite wet, as if it had been melted recently; another odd thing about it is that there were 2 ice rinks nearby, so why the extra ice? My friend, a hockey player, tells me that the ice would do no good for skates and would quite possibly ruin them. This raises further questions; why would the snow have fallen only on some of the field or if it did fall, where was the snow that had to be moved for such a thing to be? Why was it ther! e if there seemed no obvious use to it? At this point, we look at the sky and notice the red glow seeping back in to the sky.

We start to hear an odd ringing sound nearby and begin walking over to it as it seems to draw us closer. We get closer to the sound and can almost identify it when we see a car out at approximately 1:00 AM. Someone goes to the door of one house and stands there for a bit; no one answers the door, nor does he go inside. We start discussing this strange car when it starts to get closer to us. I suggest we simply go back as we’d likely seen all there was to be seen and the car was starting to freak me out a little bit. The ringing sound again, we see the man at another door down the street. Once again, no one answers, nor does he go in. We start heading back and he immediately gets back in his car, he seems to follow us, going a walking pace alongside us. Finally when it seems like he’s about to stop and do or say something, he drives away, turning right on the major street in front of us. Though this was majorly relieving, as it drove by in plain sight, I could almost swear th! at the car was completely empty. We sigh our relief and continue walking and then, we see the car again; he must have turned around in a hurry. He goes just beyond our view and seems to disappear, though we can still see the light projected on houses and street signs that seemed to come from a car stopped, just out of our vision.

We decide to take another way back; hopefully we don’t see the car again that night. We follow the apparent labyrinth of back lanes that were our new route back, still hopeful that we see no cars. Every time either of us mentions that we should go back, we hear that sound again which we soon recognized to be wind chimes, though this wasn’t the windiest night. On our way walking back, neither of us could shake the feeling that there was definitely something behind us and though we looked back frequently and often in unison when that feeling seemed strongest. The sound of wind chimes accompanies us all the way back within a few houses from where we started.

We started to hear a sound that seemed to come from above and to the east. This time it was different than the buzzing, it was more of a rumbling, as if this object were much bigger. We stand at the street corner and wait for the sound to approach and get clearer. We start to think that it might be a train, though it comes from a direction where the nearest train tracks are quite a ways and I rarely hear trains from that direction while in this neighborhood. The sounds starts to get louder and more rumbling, we start to feel as if it’s coming from above us, though the sky is completely covered in those ominous red clouds. It starts to pass when we actually do hear a train, though this time from the south. I cannot say if they were separate or one and the same but my gut says they were different.

When the sound is gone, we cross the street to go back; once more there were wind chimes, it seems as if they don’t want us to go back. I glanced to the west in instinct and though it was a passing glance, I thought I saw a man standing in the middle of the street. When we reach the other side, my friend looks down the sidewalk to see if there was indeed a man. What we saw seemed to be of humanoid shape though in the darkness it was hard to tell. A notable characteristic of this shape was that in darkness, one’s eye might be attracted to brighter objects and areas but with this shape, it seemed as if it were the darkest thing I had ever seen. Even though it was at least 8 blocks away, it stood out very noticeably.

We lose interest in this shape which does not seem to move and finally finish our journey back. We get back at approximately 2:30 AM and at this point, the sky is no longer red. After arriving we decide that neither of us wants to be inside, in case we miss something else. We head in, get changed back into our bathing suits and sit in the hot tub for the next hour and a half or so. At first there is nothing we see in our watching of the skies but after about 20 minutes in the hot tub, the wind picks up, the sky reddens once more and we start to see something, once again, flying low on the horizon, in the North West direction the UFO had first flown. It had a similar appearance, those same tell-tale red and green lights, the saucer like shape when perceived from a distance. It began to sweep across the horizon from west to east and then would turn around at some indeterminate point and travel from east to west. It continued this patter for close to an hour, getting lower with! each new sweep. When it was low enough that neither of us could see it anymore, we continued sitting in the hot tub, hoping that something else might happen.

It was at that point that we had our 3rd (at least) sighting of the night. This time the UFO we saw was travelling from the west, not from the airport, though at first it looked like a plane flying low, it soon became clear that this was no plane. It was an odd shape that’s difficult to describe. It looked as if its front was its broadest point and that was where the wings started, they slowly got narrower as it got to the rear of the UFO where they attached at the back forming an almost acorn-like shape. At the tip of one wing was a green light, at the other was red one, and in the middle was a cluster of about 6 much brighter red lights. These formed a line of lights at the broadest and front-most point of the plane and right in the back was that same, whitish, rainbow colored light we had observed on the other UFO. Like the first, it passed directly over us heading east south east.

We observe the first UFO, the one doing the sweep to our north is visible again shortly after, continuing its sweep, though this time getting more elevation with each passing sweep for another 5 or so minutes. Finally, it seems to disappear and the sky seems to blacken once more becoming what it is characteristically.

There were a few things about this night that stood out for me even before seeing any UFOs in the sky above us. First of all, the initial flash of light happened under a minute after my friend said she didn’t believe in UFOs. Second, this was the first time in 19 years, a little longer than my whole life, that the moon was this close to the earth at the time of the full moon. It was on this specific night, where the moon was 15% bigger and 30% brighter, that we happened to have all these sightings and strange occurrences. One might say that it’s simply a coincidence but in my gut, it seems far from coincidental.

FACT The flash of light was an uncharacteristic color for lightning, blue-green, not blue-purple, though it lit up the sky. The lack of thunder also discredits this information. The UFOs, to my mind, defied logic and physics in the way the moved, the speed of it, the silence of it and the maneuverability of it were beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my life.

Speculation As much as the sky, the car, the chimes and the shadow man seemed related, all are possible coincidences, things seen wrong or unnecessarily matched with the other factual occurrences.