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Occurred : 3/17/2011 22:35 (Entered as : 03/17/11 22:35)
Reported: 3/18/2011 9:06:56 PM 21:06
Posted: 3/23/2011
Location: Airdrie (Canada), AB
Shape: Formation
Duration:10 seconds

Last night at 22:35, I was in my backyard having a smoke; I usually look at the sky while I smoke. I then noticed about 5 aircrafts in a formation of an arrow, fly extremely fast through the sky. It then disappeared when it went behind the clouds. I know it wasn't any kind of man made craft because it was travelling way too fast to be something a human could be controlling. One thing I noticed is that the formation never got out of line. It was a perfect arrow straight through the sighting. The objects creating the formation were round white balls of light.