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Occurred : 3/10/2011 17:40 (Entered as : 03/10/11 17:40)
Reported: 3/17/2011 11:13:43 PM 23:13
Posted: 3/23/2011
Location: Running Springs, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:30 sec.
Flying object that changed shape and color over San Bernardino Mountains CA

I first noticed the orange color of a vapor trail running east to west that the sun set was reflecting off it with a blue sky background, the jet that made the vapor trail was long gone. The location was just west of Running Springs and a little south of Lake Arrowhead over the San Bernardino Mountains.

Then I saw a small round object moving away from the vapor trail area in the direction east east south about the same height as the vapor trail, as it went over head it changed shape and now like a small plane with no tail wings. The color was silver/black at first then when it had changed shape it looked black/brown and then I lost track of it.

I see planes and jets fly over my house every day when the clouds allow it, I have never seen anything like this before. I have seen the space station pass over my house at night a few times.