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Occurred : 3/14/2011 19:30 (Entered as : 03/14/2011 19:30)
Reported: 3/16/2011 10:12:41 PM 22:12
Posted: 3/23/2011
Location: Lake Havasu City, AZ
Shape: Other
Duration:45 seconds
Orange Orbs on multiple nights and finally a large Mother ship also Orange.

Orange Orbs March 14 2011

I am an avid sky watcher. I want to make that point clear. Since my first sighting in 1979 I have been quietly obsessed with our universe and the many cultures that abound throughout. I want also to be clear that I rarely ever report what I see to anyone other than my friends and family.

In August of 2010, I began to see Orange Orbs at fairly close range with the lot of my home either front or back yard being my vantage point. The first one I saw was after sunset but prior to the dark of night. While talking on the phone standing on my patio when, as if directed in some way, I turned my head and focused directly on the orange orb heading my direction and saw it clearly. I told the person on the phone what I was witnessing, stating that this was a “good one”. At best guess I would say the real size of the object was about 2 to 4 feet spherical. The orange glow at least gave it the look of being spherical. I figure it was at an altitude of 75 to 150 feet and maybe 200 yards downrange. I always have binoculars on the table so I told my party I was reaching for them. As I reached I knew that the orb was watching me. I knew that it was reading my thoughts and when I grabbed the binoculars it, as best as I can describe, folded into thin air. The total e! lapsed time was maybe 45 seconds.

The next visit was just two evenings later. This time I was in the front of my house. While playing darts with my nephew, I received a phone call. My dartboard is in the garage so I took my call to the driveway in the front of the house. I am a pacer, especially when I talk on the phone: While pacing up and down my driveway, just like the last time, I was almost summoned to turn my head and look up. I did and there it was again, the orange orb. This time it was much closer to me. It was visibly about three times the size of a basketball, slowly moving about twice the height of my one story rooftop, between my neighbor’s house and mine. Again I told the party on the phone, “There is that orb again”. “Wes check it out!” (Wes is my nephew) I told him to hurry and grab those binoculars. All the while I never took my eyes off of the orb. It was communicating with me. I could feel it. And the moment Wes grabbed the binoculars and started toward me it, once again, fo! lded into thin air.

This was two sightings in as many days and I could feel that the orb was aware of me and it knew that I was aware of it. I might also mention that I have had a number of sightings; I have lunched with Bob Lazar at a pizza place in Vegas. Been to black box road several times, and so on. These were the first “Orbs” that I have witnessed. Well three nights later I had another visit. This time I was just pacing in the driveway waiting for my pup to handle her business when I, as if someone called my name turned and looked right at the hovering orb. This time it was a good 200 feet in altitude and over the middle of my street. I stared for about 10 seconds, pointed to it and said, “Please don’t disappear again.” And backed into the garage trying to keep my eyes fixed and at the same time reaching for my binoculars and at risk of sounding insane, I felt it smile and just like that it folded into the night sky again. At this point I am sure that there is something big happ! ening. I do not mean in general. That is obvious. I mean specifically with me. I thought finally after all these years of trying to telepathically reach out, someone is picking up the cottin pickin phone.

Nights turned into weeks, they quickly turned into months. Each night diligently going out to call to the orb while stargazing and nothing except for maybe one sighting about 1000 yards down the street and higher in altitude but I am only 70 percent sure that was the orb. That is until tonight. While playing darts again in my garage, I stepped to the driveway and pointed calling, “Dude, tell me you are seeing that.” This was not the orb but a huge ship! Much higher, I would say 1500 to 3000 feet in altitude, maybe 1.5 to 3 miles down range, and glowing like a mini sun but it was longer top to bottom then left to right, it split into 4 equal size large orbs that slightly angled toward the ground, then, immediately went back to one, back to two larger at an angle again back to 1 large round, then stretched upward and blipped out.

I have witnessed some very awesome stuff. This ranks in the top three for me of all time. My nephew could not believe that finally after hearing me talk about ufos and aliens for years he finally saw that. It was a short sighting but a very fantastic one. Of course I checked out all of the obvious possibilities knowing full well that what we had seen was genuine. I have seen almost the identical thing on a post on some website, and I believe it was a film from Norway. I could be wrong on that. Needless to say it was significant enough to warrant this report. I would like to hear of the many comparisons that are out there. I know that we are and have been visited here since the beginning. My being is fully aware of the endosymbiotic relationship that we all share with one another, with our Creator, and with the Planet, Galaxy and the Universe. I spend countless hours as a crack researcher from UFOs to Mars anomalies, to alien races, underground bases, and the whol! e lot of it. I throw out most hang on to some and dig into others. I have always had a connection with space for some reason, as a child I was so afraid of ufos I would not sleep in my room alone until about the 8th grade and that was in 1979 I think. I do not think I was ever abducted at least I do not think I was. I may be privy to something I am not yet aware of but that is yet to be revealed. I have the gift of sight and can see things in people that freak me out still. Most of my closest friends know me as “The Profit.” I simply can see through some sort of window when prompted to do so.

Anyway, I just felt compelled to put this one on the record. I will continue to look for them every night and will report back if they continue. If you are in the know keep digging, if you are skeptical, look up once in a while, you will eventually be shown.

If you are a government official, I feel sorry for you. Just kidding, but if you are, help bring full disclosure. We as a race deserve the truth. Peace to all and may your spirit find its source and one day know it.