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Occurred : 3/11/2011 23:10 (Entered as : 03/11/12 23:10)
Reported: 3/14/2011 7:25:24 PM 19:25
Posted: 3/23/2011
Location: Owings Mills/Baltimore, MD
Shape: Light
Duration:1 minute
2 bright white lights sitting above the beltway, not moving whatsoever.

Was driving down 695 (East bound) from Owings Mills MD (from 795 S). It was in the area of 695 where there is construction and the speed camera installed in a vehicle. Was driving through the construction zone and noticed two oddly bright white lights sitting over the beltway.

I have never noticed too many planes flying through the area and since the lights were not moving I automatically threw out the idea that it was a plane. It did not move at all and was at an odd height. Too high to be any sort of pole or something used to light up the immediate area. When I was driving uder it, I could not make out any shape but may have noticed a red light that flashed. Not entirely sure.

Either way the lights were very suspicious given the area (695 beltway in the Baltimore area), so I doubted it was military craft.

I am sure many others who were driving noticed this as well.

((NUFORC Note: Date above was flawed. We have corrected it, in order to reflect a date in 2011. PD))