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Occurred : 3/8/2011 18:30 (Entered as : 03/8/11 18:30)
Reported: 3/14/2011 3:55:50 PM 15:55
Posted: 3/23/2011
Location: Belle Mead, NJ
Shape: Light
Duration:~1min & 30sec
Glowing orb ascended from my woods, hovered above the trees, trailed behind a plane, stopped, than finally disappeared.

Earlier that sunset around 6:15pm, I was coming home from the DMV, and as I was driving I noticed something odd when I looked over towards the sun; there were these white comet like streaks, about mid horizon altitude in a cluster of 3 or 4. At first I thought I saw a comet, about the size of an Inch held out at arms length, but It seemed practically stationary, or at least 10x slower than an airplane would move judging on the intensity of the lights emitting from the objects. The tails were strange too because they didn't disperse at all as smoke would. Rather, the length of the tail would correspond to the speed at which it was moving, leaving behind no remnants of its track. However, as they slew down the tails would retract, and when they sped up the tail would drag along at a constant opacity.

About 1min later at another red light, I looked up and saw that one of the comet-looking objects now had 2 tails facing towards one another as if it had divided; one of which was facing towards the sky and the other slanting downwards. Another one soon appeared out from a cloud that was above the one facing the sky. At that point I didn't know what to think of it.

As I pulled into my driveway at 6:30pm, still thinking about what I had saw, I stopped midway and glanced over towards the horizon, and that’s when I saw a white glowing orb through the woods. After I was sure of its unnaturalness when it slowly ascended from behind and hovered over the trees, I quickly pulled out my phone and captured a video of it until my phone memory was full. I reviewed the my video and it includes a plane passing it while the object it trailed behind and then at the last split second when my phone stopped recording, it appears to have taken off at the speed of light looking like an inverted television screen when its turned off.

My curiosity got the best of me and I ended up watching the sky all night since I couldn't sleep, and at 2:30am I witnessed another Ufo on the opposite side of my house from where I saw the first one. I had a video camera nearby and shot it, but the video doesn’t show much detail because of the lack of light. From my perspective, I saw a star sized light above the trees that jumped different directions and than it jumped to the edge of the woods closest to me at tree level, where I was able to see a shadowy oval outline with the light at the tip.

It continued to slowly hover towards my house and came within 20 ft of the rooftop, and than just as it was about to pass over head it flashed two lights on each side and disappeared in the direction from where it came from. When It disappeared a faint flash of light can be seen at the top left side of the screen.

The next night, 3/10/11 at 1am, I yet again witnessed another above the woods where I saw the first at. This one was seemed to pulsate and hover just as the others did, except it looked more like a glowing disk with an orb underneath and a small flashing light on the side in a triangle formation.

I decided to investigate the woods the next day and found two questionable clearings of trees in the densest parts of the area. There were trees pilled that had been ripped out from the roots and the trees in the ground surrounding the perimeter were pushed outwards on an angle, making a full sky clearing above.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))