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Occurred : 3/6/2011 19:00 (Entered as : 03/06/11 19:00)
Reported: 3/7/2011 3:05:40 PM 15:05
Posted: 3/10/2011
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Shape: Other
Comet-like UFO. Major air surveilance at time of sighting. Two seperate crafts sighted.

Thank You for your time. Please excuse this for its minor length.

I saw two objects. The first object was heading north bound, actually flying across the little dipper constellation. The second object appeared immediately to the north when the first object flew over the tree line. The sky was clear and bright with stars.

A few miles down my road is Historic Camp Milton. I looked on Google Earth a few months back and saw that they have an air strip. It is not uncommon to see helicopters flying a perimeter around the base. So, I assume the base is active. But there isn’t much plane activity going in an out of Camp Milton.

On March 6, 2011, at roughly 4:00 p.m., I was alarmed to hear low flying planes, so I went outside to have a look. I saw two radar planes, flying at least a mile apart, circling a huge perimeter around Camp Milton within 200 ft from tree level. I also noticed various planes at various clearances moving at various speeds, with the fastest I guessed was moving at around Mach 2. They were peppering the sky with activity. The spectacle of seeing so many planes in the air, with a lot of them moving in formation, was enough to be in awe over, or at least enough to make me question. It also gave me a lot of things to compare my sightings to.

So, I did question. I figured they were looking for something, so I kept looking up, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of what they were searching for. These radar planes were circling for hours. At around 9 p.m. after checking the scene out a few times, I just stared up in no general area thinking something would catch my eye. That’s when I saw the first UFO.

This sighting lasted 3-5 minutes. It caught my attention much as a shooting star would, but it was moving much slower. Light put off was a constant when it was visible, but would fade in and out, much like a comet, but the trail lasted longer. The craft was still moving at a fantastic rate for its altitude. It looked as if it were among the stars. When it would appear, it would be further than I had saw it, but its position did not make sense in relation to its speed. It never blipped or blinked, only faded in and out in no apparent pattern. It took anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 seconds to reappear. Each time it appeared, it looked like a shooting star. I know it wasn’t a meteor shower, because it kept a path. It was a yellowish light that had a haze to it, not a definite shimmer as a distant light might have within our atmosphere. It moved directly north, but after a few appearances, I lost it for around 10 seconds only to see it reappear, heading directly east and over th! e tree line. I was astonished, but saddened that I couldn’t watch it for long. That’s when a bright light caught my eye to the north.

This sighting lasted around 10 seconds. The light from this UFO was blue, much like the new types of headlights for automobiles. It appeared and descended a little past Camp Milton, maybe a couple of miles above the tree line, which is within 8 miles from my house. The light was huge. I thought it was a helicopter, but it was moving much faster. The light had an aura, much like any flashlight shined in your eye, then it seemed to dim to as faint as a distant star, never blinking; remaining constant. It curved down, then flew off in a 45 degree angle, away from the horizon, until I could see the light no more. This sighting happened within 10 seconds, so I guessed that this craft was moving at a stellar rate of speed. There were no clouds in the sky at the time, so I was able to see it fade to nothing as it seemed to ascend into the sky.

Both sightings combined happened within minutes. I stayed outside and kept watch. I noticed one other thing, which was a blip of light around Orion’s belt, which I dismissed.. But then I saw that blip in the same spot.

I could hear the planes circling on until midnight. I went outside for a late cigarette around 1 in the morning and there were NO PLANES IN THE SKY. I sat there for a while to try and see another plane, but there were none to be seen for my duration of looking at the sky. A thick fog rolled in around 3 in the morning.

My rational explanation for the first sighting would be that it was a stealth plane. I may have saw its propulsion. I know they move at incredible speeds. But, for the other, I have no guess. It was amazing.