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Occurred : 8/11/2006 23:00 (Entered as : 08/11/2006 23:00)
Reported: 3/5/2011 3:42:11 PM 15:42
Posted: 3/10/2011
Location: London (Canada), ON
Shape: Circle
Duration:5-20 mins
I saw a yellow ufo moving in the sky heading kinda the same dicrection as we drove on the highway at and also later this white light .

The exact date might be a bit different i forget what years i worked for the company i could find out when exactly what year it was but i was working as a bat specialist and traveling out to a job on the highway late at night, in mid-summer, in a truch with a hatchback with the guy i worked for ben when to the left of the vehicle while we were listening to some books on tape i saw a yellow orb, it was moving forward in a bowling motion like pendulem back and forth. I thought i was halucinating then checked my eyes and looked again and it was still there penduluming back and forth moving forward west like we were but slower, i said to ben "look a ufo a ufo a yellow ball like thing in the sky look" but he refused and was the one driving and i persisted "look look their is a yellow orb in the sky moving back and forth moving forward" but he refused to look he didn't really think much of my opinions. I never really thought to report it for what can they do and w! e out drove it and it wasn't able to be seen, i forsure saw for quite a few minutes this yellow orb and have fathomed my own opinion on it. I was just watching a show on ufo's and thought a real report as to how this one was moving or whatever could help since they were going through reports. I can or could take a lie detector on seeing this thing mutiple ones actually and this was the only time while traveling or ever that i saw one, and i really saw it, under just the classification a yellow orb, it was to me looking like a orb like i fathomed a being being in it but it radiated light like it wasn't a craft. It was an orb of like energy, i fathomed that a being could be in it some how super powered and uses like an energy orb to protect it in space, or possibly a supernaturally powered being that is supernaturally activated. Like seriously the powers like flying beings experince in dreams your telling me none ever became supernaturally powered since the dinosaures. My pr! icipal is that to gain the superpowers you have in your dreams! like fl ying you have to be who you are in your dreams, the same ways not thinking about food or drinking since if we talk stricly good and evil it is evil to harm or kill an innocent being and we subconciously recognise that since plants are innocent beings especially seed that get eaten that is evil to eat a baby being. But in anycase you can tell i am making my way to the truly good line of life and not harming any of the innocent plants or animals, and i feel i may have been contacted with how slow it was going for a reason, who ever they are with how much death of innocent beings there is i have an idea we will be hearing from them, they may be really holy beings that don't eat anything at all and just take water and why they appear as orbs of light is they have gone fusion like the sun with the water in them some type of special fusion from being really holy, and who knows what type of being it could be , maybe one from a group a species that became immortalized and supernatur! ally powered enough to travel space flying and some stayed behind. ANyways as for profacies i feel the days are upon us and we will be hearing more from them, there will be leaders that stand up agist evil strickly like how the baby plant is an innocent baby and it is evil to kill it and stand up for all life and posiibly become supernaturally powered. oh i forgot i did have one other contact. i was at my house and one night i saw this white light jumping from tree to tree and heard abnormal sounds coming from the woods, there are woods off the back of my house at n6c 1x3 and it made a weird eching sound and it looked at one second like a white light body of this baby human that may be wild but looked like a ball baby sized of white light and it scared me it seemed very fast and the weird sound scared me and i can take a lie detector on either of these occurances, it dissapeared and i th saw the light reappear deeper in the woods, i was scared for i know its wrong to smoke ! and i thought it might be a being like made some of the shallo! w crater s on the moon that are wide for such shallowness from fushion meditation and i was smoking and i could heard the leaves move and then their was a creak from the fence like something was bhinde it , and it had been moving between treees in front of me, and that dissapearing move i thought it might have locked on to it's reappearpoint and was going to attack me for harming the one year old plants leaves when i should be holy for the planet then it made a sound and did the dissapppearing move and i heard another sound from behind the fence and i pretty much ran in but as far as sky ufo's that yellow orb thing was the only time but this white light being or glowing being i saw a few times. i think it might be a holy protector of the planet i think that came to contact me to help my life. i saw it a few differernt days, it was white like lightening enery. I wasn't even thinking of that i had comppletely forgot, but i was thinking it some enlightened animal and it wasn't a sky uf! o but i am not lieing and i wrote this just like this you got the second on me remembering it's been like a year or more since then so i dunno how i forgot but i was thinking of just that sky ufo i had seen anyways if this helps you then good. When i went in i was sure to lock my door at night.