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Occurred : 1/31/2010 13:00 (Entered as : 01/31/2010 13:00)
Reported: 2/8/2011 5:50:02 PM 17:50
Posted: 2/8/2011
Location: Stone Mountain, GA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:60-70 seconds
Triangular object hovers, darts away, then disappears over Stone Mountain

I live in walking distance of Stone Mountain and can see one side of the mountain from my house. I am able to see the top of the mountain. Atop the mountain is located a visitor’s booth and skyrail station. Next to the skyrail station is a tower with red lights. I believe it is there due to the Stone Mountain Airport, which I read today was closed in 1996. The latter statement prompted me to write this letter.

Every single night, I see, what I thought were planes, leaving Stone Mountain. On the evening of January 31st at around 9pm, I was exiting my home and saw a bright light, as the light on the front of a plane lifting up in the sky. At first it began to rise straight upward. It was not going up at an angle, like a plane taking off, so I studied the object. It raised straight up in the air very very slowly at first. (It was coming up above the skyrail station) Once the object reached a height where it was still visible but higher than the tree line, the tower, and etc, the object darted off to my right (this would have been the objects left if the light truly was the front of the object). I followed the object for a few moments, about 40 seconds in my car. It suddenly got faster and faster until it disappeared. It was as if the object evaporated.

While I was able to see the object, begging my boyfriend to take a video (He was too clumsy and nervous), we agreed that the object was shaped as a triangle. It had one red light on the right end of the "wing" and triangle positioned lights along the object. There was what appeared to be like a search light on the bottom of the object and it was difficult to tell, but it looked like a blinking blue light was on the end of the opposite "wing." The lights were triangular in location and appeared to number about 8.

There are planes coming from there every night. Planes were even coming towards the object that night but were much higher in altitude and moving slower as it darted and then disapperaed. I was surprised to hear the airport closed in 2006.

I was even more surprised once I researched UFO sightings and saw 2 exact descriptions online. This prompted me to add validity to the statements made by the other two people who reported the triangular object with the lights.

I have not studied the rest of the "planes" leaving Stone Mountain, but it does not look like they are all "rising up" in the air directly.