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Occurred : 2/6/2011 00:08 (Entered as : 02/06/11 0:08)
Reported: 2/6/2011 1:53:46 AM 01:53
Posted: 2/8/2011
Location: Seaside, CA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 minutes
I dont know what to say posting this made me feel a little bit better. fire ball round with a triangle missing out of it not rotating

i got off of work dropped co-worker off was driving on freeway getting off on exit and noticed this big stars i have never seen before really bright. then looked and noticed that i knew what stars looked like and these were not stars then i remembered that i seen the same thing on fourth of july this lattern things that looked like they were pretty dangerous, then remembered how close i saw them like a block over on fourth of july but these were in the distance and the same size. there were 3 of them i watched them get bigger as i drove to them they just stayed in one place then the one in the middle streaked upwards so i thought hey maybe they can still be those lanterns, trying to talk my self into believing that. i stopped under the freeway over pass and watch the 2 of them then went forward a little stuck my head out the car looked upwards watched them again they were round bu missing a triangle part that didnt move it that makes any sense just floated t! hen the light turned green so i didnt go i waited had to be for another 15 secs then took the left turn turned out by a school entrance that had a gate parked there got my phone took a picture and video but my phone was acting weird or i was trying to hard to take a picture i took a 5 sec video but only got 3 secs of these things when i looked at the video i only caught one but i remembering them being in the same vicinity once again i dont know so , know i know im seeing something but still trying to say ok they are going in the air and they have been going for at least 50 secs going up or hovering getting smaller then getting the same size then right when im about to give up and mark them as latterns they start moving sideways towards the city staying the same size and same height now im scared i turned down my music as they passed me and startied going in the opposite direction and i got out of there going in the other direction while i was looking in all my mirrors then! slowed down stuck my head out the car looked back and they we! re still moving the other way thats when i saw a guy riding towards me and i beeped my horn at him a few times while i pulled up side of him and said do you see those he stopped his bike i stopped he said yeah what is that i said i dont know but im going this way i dont know if he turned around i was driving away. so i need to tell some one i call my co worker that i had just dropped off at 12:11 and say i saw UFO'S while im driving on my street i see two guys looking at the sky so i ask them tell me you saw that they said yeah did you see that one dissapear streaking i said thank god i thought i was going crazy because the bicycle rider didnt seem to see the one streak upwards or away i asked them if they heard any sounds they said know i told them that i was close and didnt hear any helicopter sound or jet liner or anything either i then got really scared they said it would probaly be on the news or on the internet so i came home was outside called another co worker that leaves a! bout a mile away from me and these two guys were walking by after i hung up with her and seriously they were two kids that looked like they were having trouble walking home i would never stop them but i had too know so i asked hey u guys see that UFO they stopped kinda looked at me like what are you talking to us and said what now i know they didnt hear me or even knew i was there and i asked again you guys see those UFO'S the one dude said to the other i told you they were UFO'S i said to myself maybe they didnt really see them i asked them how long ago he said 25 minutes ago in my head i thought it was 20 minutes ago but what they heck do i know, i dont know. Felt good getting this off my chest in detail my arm hairs are stilll standing up and its been almost a hour and a half. theres other details that i remember looking back at it like a plane in the background when i was driving on freeway but it was way up in the air that i thought for a split second that those were s! trange bright red yellow orangs stars i never seen i think i s! aid that already . im going to go talk to those guys about wht they saw them do and i hope its on the news and i wanted to call the police but then say what.i do believe in aliens but to watch it in person i kinda think i really didnt want to see that.everthing looks a lot different now that i saw this day to day worries are going to feel alort smaller and easy to deal with.It dont matter what i used to think was possible because in a way its all possible a new look on life WOW