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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/26/2010 21:40 (Entered as : 01/26/2010 21:40)
Reported: 1/27/2011 8:29:16 AM 08:29
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Chico, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 minutes
Two lights joined by a third to form a triangular shape hovering ESE of Chico, Washington.

Sighted while driving South on NW Chico Way at southern boundry of Chico, Washington, approximately 1/4 mile South of Hwy 3. Viewed from the side of the road looking ESE near King's West School and Chico Christian Childcare Center.

Observers - 1 adult aged 38 (former enlisted USAF, former Certified Apple Computer Hardware and Software technician), 3 teenagers ages 12, 15, and 16.

Size - Indeterminate Number of lights - Two lights offset then joined by a third.

Shape - Triangular Color - solid yellow white shifting to pale random flashing colors similar to a star seen through binoculars or telescope (ie: Polaris on a clear night) Movement - Hovering, then moving.

Description of sighting - Two yellow/white lights observed hovering offset in the sky East Northeast of NW Chico Way. After 30 seconds a third yellow/white light joined the first two, becoming the bottom left point of the triangle. All three lights hovered low in the sky not moving. Upon inspection all three lights began to shift pale colors similar to a star shifting color as seen through binoculars.

After one or two minutes of observation the bottom left light moved off in a Northeasterly direction dimming in strength until not visible.

After 30 or more seconds the original offset lights faded from view as if moving away in line of sight.

Sounds - No sounds in evidence.

Sky - Clear. No aircraft in evidence.