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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/1998 21:30
Reported: 1/19/2011 11:34:28 AM 11:34
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Los Osos, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 hous
Possible UFO abduction,

It was about 9:30 pm when I went into the garage, and I noticed a large light beam emitting from the ceiling, I thought it was a huge hole coming through the roof, so I went to my roommates room to tell him about the hole. He dismissed the sighting, and turn away from me to go to sleep.

Before, I knew it, I spoke aloud, saying you don't want to see what I am seeing. A sphere entered through the bedroom room, and then a second one entente red, then one more.

The first sphere hovered next to me and then moved around the bed to my roommate's side. The second sphere hovered next to me, and I said, leave me alone, I'm tired. Leave Me alone.

The sphere began to emit different brilliant colors all remaining inside the sphere, and then it moved over to the other side of the bed, filling the third sphere, and the fourth. Suddenly, I heard my roommate screaming, my back, oh god my back.

I fell back on the bed, I could not move, or see what was happening to him! . . I was put out hearing my friend 's screams.

We both woke up 12 hours later, we both just popped up into a sitting position as the exact same moment.

The sphere were white dense and hovered, except the one that contained the multi brillant colors.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting in March 1998 is approximate. PD))


yes, I would like to be contacted. So please give me the phone number that you would use because I never answer any calls without id, or name, or leave a message and i will return your call. I will have to speak to my friend. It happened here in Los Osos , CA. the on 15th street, My friend is not brave, however I am to the extreme. I rarely fear anything. He just covered his body with a sheet as to hide and I spoke to them, possibility making them upset with me by telling them not to bother me. It happened in March 1998, but to be certain I need to check with my friend for the exact date. He tells me that he thinks of it everyday, it haunts him.

I expect them again, I'm an artist, and the alien seeminglly becomes part of my work., He did get hypnotized and recorded the session, listened to it and when he got home it had been erased, how he doesn't understand. He was abducted. I'm thinking about going to a hypnotist myself unless you can do this for me.

Looking forward to hearing from you. thank you for your response. I know without a doubt this incident did happen.

Sincerely, ((name delted))