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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/3/2007 23:00 (Entered as : 01/03/07 23:00)
Reported: 1/2/2011 11:55:00 AM 11:55
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Marks, MS
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 Hours
Lighted objects silently flew in from S to N, many in northern sky, no more than few hundred feet up

Although this report will be filed for sightings on January 3-4, 2007, this is not the only sighting in this area by me and my family and friends. My parents, my sister, her fiancé, my cousin and I had just finished watching the 2007 Sugar Bowl at my parent’s house in Belen, MS, a small, unincorporated community not far from Marks, MS. My sister’s fiancé left just after the game ended around 10:45PM Central time. My cousin stayed for another few minutes and then got ready to leave. I walked out to his car with him and we were talking. I happened to look north over the empty field in front of my parent’s house when I noticed a couple of lighted objects that appeared to be hovering not far above the treetops over the woods about a half-mile or so north of the house. I watched them for a minute or so and mentioned the lights to my cousin. We first thought they may have been helicopters or planes, but there was no sound and little movement coming from them. Then! I saw one of them produce a faint beam of light under it. I told my cousin that it sure was strange that we couldn’t hear the helicopter engine. Belen is a very small rural community (population less than 100) and at night, except for occasional cars on Hwy. 316, everything is still and very quiet. I can easily hear a plane or helicopter engine when it is going across the sky. I then noticed a couple of planes in the sky and began to hear their jet engines. They looked totally different from the objects we were seeing. The silent objects we saw appeared to be lighted up very brightly, compared to the navigational lights of the planes we saw in the sky. The objects looked to be a mile or so to our north, and that is why I couldn’t tell anything about their shape at that point. The sky was very clear that night, and you could see all the stars and planes flying around. Belen is only about 75 miles or so from Memphis International Airport, but we could clearly see the differe! nces in the look of the objects that were lined up to the nort! h. After a couple minutes of looking at the objects to the north and commenting on how strange they were, we noticed a very big and bright lighted object to our west/southwest, moving toward the north. It appeared to be no more than 1,000 feet above the ground. These objects had white and (at times) red lights on them, but the lights remained constantly “on.” We went inside and told my parents and sister what we were seeing. They came out and observed them. My Dad said they were back again. He and Mom had been seeing them periodically since February 2006, when he said there were between 50 and 100 of the objects in sight at one point. I had not been around to see them until that January night. They had told me about them before, but I didn’t know what to think of their sightings before seeing them myself. My father, my cousin and I ended up driving toward the lights on a road toward the north. At one point we were no more than ¼ mile away from one of them which was crossing a field ! to our west (left). This was the closest I ever got to one of the objects. It made no sound and it had lights all around it. Looking at it through binoculars, I could make out a disk shape with lights all around it. Most of the lights appeared to me to be white and red. I believe if I had shot at it with my 30.06, I could have hit it, but I didn’t have a rifle with me. That particular object moved on toward the NE slowly and eventually turned off its lights and we couldn’t see it anymore. My Dad said he had tried to follow them before and when he would get into the same area as them, the lights would fade and you couldn’t see it any longer. Dad also said the first time he and Mom saw them, some were making patterns in the sky and moving around a lot, some slow, some very fast. This night, January 3-4, I saw a few of them line up with each other as if they were a column in the sky. Then slowly one of them would start to move out of this “formation.” We watched the objects al! l around Belen for almost 2 hours before they all turned their! lights off and/or moved away. I would estimate that we saw 2-3 dozen silent, lighted objects that night. The most I ever saw in the sky at one time was around a dozen. I have seen these lights, although in smaller numbers, at various times since then. Some were in the same location; some were further west of Belen, toward Jonestown and Clarksdale, MS. There in the Mississippi Delta, the land is almost completely flat, and you can see for miles if you are in an open area (which most of it is). I saw more in the summer of 2007, again on December 22, 2007, the night after my sister got married. We’ve seen more since I got married and have gone back home to visit, usually in the spring and at Christmas time. My parents see them fairly often. Although they have no clue what the objects are, they have come to accept them as a fairly natural part of their lives. My sister saw a few one night in late October when we were home because of my Dad’s surgery. The last time we saw any was last W! ednesday night, December 29, 2010. My wife and I saw two over the same trees to the north of Belen as we came in from visiting my grandmother around 7:30PM. Mom and Dad both said that after the first sightings in February 2006, the clocks in their cars were messed up. We didn’t notice any problems with the car clocks in January 2007, or after any of the other sightings since. My Uncle and Aunt live next door, but my Aunt dismisses what we have all seen as “silent helicopters doing maneuvers.” One of my best friends, who saw some of the lights in December 2007, has several years experience in the National Guard and has studied military aircraft for quite some time. He said these objects don’t look like or move like anything he’s seen before. The main reason I am writing this now is because I want people to know what we have been seeing and that there are some kind of unidentified lighted objects flying around the northern part of the Mississippi Delta on a regular basis.