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Occurred : 11/28/2010 00:01 (Entered as : 11/28/10)
Reported: 11/28/2010 11:28:18 AM 11:28
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Hollandale, MN
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:20 minutes
a hollandale mn strang object

last night around midnight i was watching tv. i lost all entenna reception.and got nothing but static.i went thre all the channels and got nothing.i shut it off. out of the corner of my eye i thought i saw a flash of light comming from my window that faces the driveway.thaught somebody was pulling up into i went to the door knowbody was out there. then i herd a loud bang. sounded like it came from in back of the house.scared the pajesus out of me.what ever it was i wasnt going back there without a shotgun. iran to my cell phone and attempted to call the sheriff but i couldnt get out on my phone was dead i recharged the battery a couple of hrs before so it shouldnt have bene dead,i grabbed my shotgun loaded with deer slugs.made my way to the back of the house with my back up against the wall of the house.i looked around around after i got back there and found nothing. i was heading back towards the house and for no reason looked up. and holy crap. about 300ft above the house was what looked like a big aircraft was sitting there motionless.i ran away from the house towards a large tree about a 100ft away. i just stood there behind the tree looking at this thing.had no lights on it. looked real intimidating.was gonna take a pot shot at it.decided not to .who knows what it might do. anyways, to des! cribe it it looked like a large jet with no fusilouge. it finally went slowly straight up and disappeared.i stayed behind the tree awhile to make sure it wasnt comming back.

i went back into the house, turned out the lights and sat in a chair for a while.

after my nerves cooled down i turned the tv back on worked just fine.checked my cell out and it was still dead cant get a charge out of the battery.