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Occurred : 11/22/2010 21:00 (Entered as : 11/22/2010 21:00)
Reported: 11/28/2010 11:00:09 AM 11:00
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Northumberland County, PA
Shape: Changing
Shape-shifters: Peach-colored lights/orbs & hovering, fake planes

(I have also filed this report with MUFON.) This is my description of a series of events that began in 1997, ceased for over a decade, and resumed just a few months ago in Sept. 2010. I've hesitated to report these events previously but do so now in the hopes that others like me will find the courage to break their silence and to share their experiences. A staggering number of individuals have reported the same phenomena elsewhere online, and many have posted incredible footage on Youtube of what I'm about to describe. Although I have not filmed the phenomena myself (yet), I can attest that the footage posted by users such as SeeingUFOsPA, Alienphotog, and Purvashadastar are true to what I've witnessed myself. I do not personally know these users, and I cite their videos only as further evidence of my witness testimony.

Here's a synopsis of my experiences. I've intentionally excluded certain details that I'd be willing to discuss confidentially with MUFON investigators but do not wish to disclose in this forum or to third parties.

Here are the basics: It began on a late July evening in 1997 in Northumberland Co, PA, when I peered out my open window on an overcast night, as I often did, and looked skyward. I recall the time was about 1:00 a.m. In a period of time that spanned no more than one second at most, I saw an anomalous light strobe three times at three different points in the sky and disappear. I felt certain that it was one light that had moved to three different points in the sky and had strobed three times at each point, rather than three different lights that strobed in succession, probably because the points were somewhat close to each other instead of at opposite sides of the sky. I estimated the altitude of the light to be no more than that of a low-flying, small plane, although it could have been much closer than that. In any case, I was practicing a religion at the time, I did not believe in extraterrestrials, and I was also an avid sky-watcher who had never witnessed anything like this, so this anomalous event knocked me for a loop and scared me terribly! Although it seems humorous in retrospect, I recall that I slept with the light on and with religious objects near my bed (and with my window closed) for several subsequent nights. I pushed the event to the farthest corners of my mind, although it never quite escaped my memory.

Thirteen years passed, my belief systems changed greatly during that time, and I had opened myself to the likelihood of abundant, advanced intelligent life in this universe and countless other universes. Probably due to my 1997 experience, my interest was piqued when I read reviews of the recently released book by journalist Leslie Kean titled, "UFOs." I bought the book and finished it in September 2010. It fascinated me, and I began to familiarize myself with the works and writings of various schools of thought on the subject, major researchers, groups, contactees, etc., trying to distinguish the real from the fake. I truly believe that this "primed" me for what happened next. That is, I think that the whole reason for my most recent sightings is that I had grown in awareness enough to be able to absorb and process the experiences. I'm getting ahead of my story here, but suffice it to say that these events are purposeful and often interactive. Consciousness is key.

Back to my account: One evening in the last week of September 2010 in Northumberland Co., I was out for a walk/jog, which is routine for me in the warm months. At the time, sundown was somewhere between 7 and 7:30 p.m. I was walking/jogging toward the beautiful sunset, thinking about extraterrestrials, the books and literature I had just read, etc. Very few clouds were in the sky. All of a sudden, I noticed an incredibly bright light in sunset. Too bright to be a star, as it shone with such a magnitude that it was not obscured by the brilliant sun. Plus, it appeared to be emanating from within the Earth's atmosphere at about the altitude of a small plane. The light was a peach color, like the color of the sunset. It was stationary. I laughed at myself, because I was caught off-guard by this light after just finishing the UFO book and reading all about UFOs. I figured that my imagination was running away with me, and I chided myself, thinking that I had mistaken the reflection of the sun gleamin! g off a plane, or the headlight of an approaching plane, for an anomalous light. The fact was, though, that this light remained stationary for at least the 15 minutes that I walked/jogged in its direction, except for a few times when it moved slightly to the right or slightly to the left. It also faded in and out--faded to a pinprick, then it would suddenly reappear and pulse brightly, then fade out, disappear, reappear, etc. Again, there were no clouds in the sky.

Despite all this, I convinced myself that it was nothing that couldn't be explained, and I didn't think anything further of it . . . until my next walk/jog a few days later, when it appeared again at the exact same place in the sky while I was thinking about UFOs. Again, it faded in and out (not rhythmically--just randomly), moved here and there a bit, but just generally hovered. It was close enough to me that I would have seen a craft/shape if it were an ultralight, glider, plane, certainly a balloon, parachuter, kite, etc. On this second occasion, I paid closer attention and "knew" that . . . I was seeing exactly what I thought I was seeing. I didn't feel fear--only immense curiosity and a certain sense of hopefulness and excitement. I tried to mentally "talk" with the thing. On subsequent walks, I may have even received rudimentary, yet personalized, messages back (although this is difficult to "prove," so I will exclude the details here.) I should also mention that I reported seeing the anomalous light to my family members, who live next door and who do not believe even in the remotest possibility of extraterrestrials or sky phenomena originating from other beings. On the morning after I had a sighting of the amber light, my father reported that a "helicopter" had landed atop the mountain about half a mile from our homes, observed about 6:00 a.m. as he was heading to work. When I pressed for more details, he told me that he did not actually see a helicopter, but that the saw extremely bright lights that appeared to be landing atop the mountain. His interpretation was that someone lived up there and may have needed helicopter transportation to a hospital. I have not been able to confirm or refute this--I only mention it because he did not see a craft (only lights) and because of the next part of my story.

After the sightings of the bright, anomalous, peachy light during the last week of September and first week of October 2010, I stopped going for evening walks as it became too dark to do so. I also had a series of urgent matters to take care of, and I ceased to even think about UFOS for over a month. I began to think about them again during the past week or two, perhaps to take my mind off other things, and that's when the most incredible part of my story began.

It was on or about November 17, 2010, when I was driving home from work (I commute 135 miles daily by car, mostly through rural areas). I was in Dauphin Co. at the time, skywatching while driving (unsafe, I know), when a weird light caught my eye. It seemed stationary, like a stationary plane light. I had to keep looking back at the road between my views of it. At one point, when I looked back at it, I saw that it was a plane.

I was somewhat disappointed and kept driving. When I reached a particular part of my commute (a small village in lower Northumberland Co.), I noticed an IMMENSELY BRIGHT light in the sky, hovering not far above tree-top level--perhaps a few hundred yards up, like the size of a small plane about to touch down in a few minutes, but lit up like a rocket!!! It was ridiculously bright, and the brightness completely obscured the rest of the craft. It was a long cigar (horizontally shaped, like an airplane lit up from wingtip to wingtip) of incredible brightness, just HOVERING, "looking" right at me!! The brightness did not increase, decrease, or move--it was definitely HOVERING, or else moving at such a slow speed that it would have dropped from the sky if it were a typical plane. By this time, I had slowed down to about 40 miles an hour. A car approached in the opposite lane, I took my eyes off the "thing," and when I looked at it again, this time I saw just two incredibly bright "headlights" and two fainter lights on the wingtips of what appeared to be a plane. It had begun to move toward me, but at a ridiculously slow pace. It flew over me, from left to right. My thoughts during the event were initially "What the H*** is THAT?" Just baffled curiosity, ting! ed with breathless excitement, and then a bit of a sheepish, confused feeling after I saw the "plane." When I arrived home, I spoke with my father again and relayed what I had seen, because I felt like I needed to tell someone. I was astounded when he casually informed me that he, too, had seen a bright "plane" that seemed to hover or fly unusually slowly. He saw it in the EXACT SAME LOCATION as I did, and the object behaved exactly the same: it flew over him from left to right. He didn't tell me when the event occurred, but it must have been months ago, as he does not normally travel along that road. "It was a plane," he said, with a tone of finality. I didn't try to convince him otherwise.

A day or two later, I took an alternate route home from work due to an accident along my regular route, and I traveled through Dauphin and Schuylkill Counties. While I was waiting in a line of traffic to access I-81 N, I noticed the same "hovering plane" type of light in the sky among the other stars, airplanes, and jets. Its faintly peachy color gave it away. I stared at it for a long time, waiting in traffic. As I did, I noticed VERY FAINT strobe-like lights that seemed to emanate from it and travel around it. For whatever reason, I once again wrote it off as a star with extremely distant jets in close alignment with it. I continued to travel north. I looked at "it" once while driving on the interstate, and I thought I saw a contrail in the moonlight behind it, which befuddled (and disappointed) me yet again.

I swear I saw the amber/peachy light again near a shopping center that I stopped at on my way home in Schuylkill Co. (At the time, I was just dismissing everything I saw, so it's hard to recall details now in retrospect.) Then, after I left the shopping center, I witnessed almost a repeat of the previous event in lower Northumberland Co.: a bright (but not nearly as bright as before) light seemed to hover, then "morph" into a plane-like object before proceeding to slowly fly over me from left to right! Because I was on a highway, I lost sight of the object after it flew over me and was behind me and behind trees surrounding the highway.

The most recent encounter(s) I had were on Nov. 22 or Nov. 23 after work. I left work at 5:00 p.m. in Dauphin Co. and proceeded to walk several blocks to my car. I saw a very, very strange looking "helicopter," complete with helicopter sound, flying right past me over the parking lot. I couldn't see the shape of the helicopter very well, but it appeared to have a bright green light on top and a red light on the bottom. This one may have been a domestic or military craft--I'm not saying it was unexplainable, just that I had never seen a light configuration like that before.

I proceeded to drive toward a shopping center in Cumberland Co. While waiting in traffic, I saw the amber/peachy orb-like thing again in the sunset, facing me. It looked at first like a plane approaching, but as I sat there in traffic for a good ten minutes or so, I realized that it was not increasing in size in the slightest, nor was it decreasing, fading, pulsing, or otherwise moving. It was, however, glimmering--dancing, even--in an odd way, more so than the typical glimmer of a star in the sky. It seemed to be multi-colored at times. Finally, as traffic cleared and I drove across a bridge toward the light, it began to approach, take the form of a plane, and turn to my right at a 90 degree angle. I took my eye off it to watch the road, looked back, and all of a sudden, this thing flew RIGHT-TO-LEFT, right over me! It had done a complete 180 in the second or two that I had taken my eyes off the road.

Despite all this, I was just left feeling bad because these objects were merely planes, and I was seemingly incapable of identifying them as such. I thought I was perhaps misidentifying things.

After some shopping in Cumberland and Dauphin Counties, I proceeded home. While in upper Dauphin Co., in the area where I had previously seen a hovering light, I noticed a very odd-looking "plane." Instead of the typical white light "strobe" that domestic craft have, this plane's strobe light "fluttered" in a bizarre way. I'm sorry that I cannot describe it better than that. Suffice it to say, it was an abnormal type of strobe that I had never seen before. Again, I'm not completely convinced that this particular one wasn't just a regular plane with a broken light or something.

Finally, when I had reached the part of my commute through lower Northumberland County, in the EXACT SAME PLACE that I had first seen the bright, cigar-shaped-light-turned-hovering-plane, and in the EXACT SAME PLACE that my father had seen something similar, I SAW IT AGAIN!!! It wasn't as bright this time, but it was bright, peachy-colored, and hovering on the opposite bank of the Susquehanna River. I mentally asked it to come closer, to show me what it really looked like. At this point, I was driving about 35 mph and looking for a place to pull over. I suspected that this was the "real deal," and I wanted an opportunity for me to observe it without moving. I pulled over at the first opportunity and opened my window.

I had lost view of the light behind some trees for a bit but soon saw it through the tree tops, slowly making its way toward me (it was flying about a few hundred yards up in the air from left to right again). Finally, it cleared the trees, and I stuck my head out the window and saw it: It was a small, low-flying jet/plane, complete with plane-like sound, much to my consternation.

When I arrived home, I performed internet searches on "hovering planes" and "UFOs that become planes." This led me to the videos of many Youtubers who have been observing and capturing these things for quite some time. The usernames I mentioned above are just a few who have posted videos of EXACTLY what I saw: peachy orbs/lights that morph into plane-like objects. Some of the videos even show daylight footage. I cannot emphasize enough that THESE ARE LEGIT, and I encourage anyone even remotely interested to take a look. I thought I was a really poor witness until I viewed these videos, at which point I almost wept when I realized that others have seen what I've seen. The "orange orb/fake-plane UFO" thing is real, it's prevalent, and many of us are witnessing it, worldwide.

As for my opinion about what these are and why they're here (for what it's worth): I believe they're extraterrestrial in origin. Not sure whether they're "manned," as it were, or perhaps just probes or holograms. They don't appear to do anything except observe, and, occasionally, interact. They seem to appear when one thinks about them, almost exclusively on clear nights. I believe that they are simply trying observe and to spread awareness of their existence at a grass-roots-level. They are both bold and cautious--they're undaunted by urban areas, where they can blend in, but rural areas and daylight seem to be no big deals, either. I would love to know why there are so many of these, and why "they" seem to want to be noticed.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide my personal account of this phenomenon.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))