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Occurred : 8/12/1999 22:00 (Entered as : 08/12/99 22:00)
Reported: 11/5/2010 12:52:27 AM 00:52
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:10 minutes
Large top shaped UFO over Lake Michigan leaves 3 witnesses with possible coverup or were cops really aliens ?

I submit to you , whoever you guys really are this report of what I have witnessed. This event was real and I was with my girlfriend at the time and another friend . So the 3 of us were there and we all saw the same thing .. and honestly it was very disturbing. This event was on the banks of lake Michigan right there a few feet down the trail that leads off to the south of the lake front park in Millwaukee Wi. . It has been quite a while since and Im not really sure of the exact date but i think maybe Aug. or Sept 1999 I could ask the other friends of mine and maybe get a more exact date . Anyway I thought I should tell about this because I think we need to know more and maybe this account along with others that come forward will hopefully someday help to prove that these things are real.

Well here ya go , I just thought one nite it might be fun to go down to the park. I liked to go down by he lake . It was a place I could kinda go and think and anyway we went down there . It was getting dark and I started walking down a trail .. that was really private property and we shouldnt have been down there after dark anyway .. but we were just talking and throwing rocks. thats when I noticed what I thought was a falling star streak across the sky in the east way off far away in the sky . as I saw that I said to the others , " hey check this out look in the sky " and thats when things became very strange.The light Id seen streak across the sky actually stopped and went back in the opposite direction. It was fast like a streak and stopped on a dot then after stopping a second. jolted again back across what Id say whatever 8 inches in the sky from that distance .. and it looked just as bright and as far off as a star.. The original distance that it was is hard for me to try and explain but I say , it was way the hell out there in space.

So at that point we were all focused on this little light that seemed to zip and stop and zip and stop and as we were watching it , it became obvious that it was coming straight in a line for us .. I mean it was only like a minute from when we first noticed it to where this thing was right up in our faces ...

It was there hovering like maybe 20 feet above the lake and like as close as if it was the house across the street .. This thing was huge it was like rounded and TOP shaped not a sharp edged upside down triangle but more smooth like an old style Top.. like the spin toy for kids .. but this thing was as big as like a couple of houses .. and there wasnt really a sound ,more like a hum a vibration that you could feel . And all along the top edge were like 5 or so rows of lights and these lights were very bright .Red,blue,yellow, and an eerie white like similar to those high pressure sodium lights, in that they seemed to pulse and surge and there were also lights all over the thing from the top to the bottom that pulsed and so forth .AS I looked at my friends on either side of me and said are you guys seeing this .. we were all just frozen our jaws fucking dropped to the ground .. I couldnt believe it .

So we stood in awe there for about 2 or 3 minutes and watched this thing and then a very intense sharp light started moving and as it did it was like a beam and the thing shined right into my eyes. and immediatly I cover my face with my hands and thats when I got really scarred . I thought at that point this had begun to get a little bit to close and it sunk in that this might not be all fun and games .. honest I said ok guys fuck this shit I've seen enough Im getting the fuck out of here everybody for themselves ..I felt panic for real .. when that light shined on me I felt it was reading my mind and I didnt like it .. so I was looking around for an escape route should I go this way or that way .. we saw a light comming up the trail we came in on .. thats when I said ohh shit they are comming for us .. so as that light comming up the trail got our attention just as we were gonna take off up the side of the banks .Guess what it was ? a police officer .. he's like "hey you guys " what are doing ... and with his flashlight in our faces we say just out here looking at this UFO .. and he takes the flashlight and shines it out over the lake where all the sudden its pitch black and the thing is gone .. just "poof "gone and says, "what ufo". Man I dont know what the hell was going on but it seemed ass if he was in on it or something was deffinatly weird about not only the UFO but the cop as well .. anyway after running all our Ids and trying to mess with us about being where we shouldnt be and private property and so forth .. he let us go and we got the hell out of there .. So, thats the story .. this was the real deal and you guys want to know more I would love to tell ya .. I wish I knew what they wanted but I have a strange feeling that they were going to do something bad to me .. I have nightmares about it still .. who knows, It was just a total trip..

well also the 3 of us we just would look at each other and just shake our heads ,, Ive told friends of mine about this and I think they probably say Im crazy .. or just telling a story .. but this was no ((deleted--B.S..)).

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))