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Occurred : 12/27/2009 05:45 (Entered as : 12/27/09 5:45)
Reported: 10/23/2010 8:57:40 PM 20:57
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Spring Grove, PA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:5 mins
Sighting in Spring Grove PA -Revised

I first reported this on 12/27/09, since than I’ve remember more of details of the event. When first reported I stated that the object was a football fields length away. It wasn’t It was 50’ from my house. When I think back on this I recall feeling disoriented during and after the event. I felt like my senses where out of whack. The object was about 60’ off the ground hanging just above the tree tops. I do recall the object was solid. I could see the night time sky – (stars) around the object but not through the object. There was a very low hum that came from the craft. I use the word craft because that is what it was. It appears to be stationary and seems to float above the tops of the trees. Actually the one tree that it was just above is now dead. This all came to being when my dog awakens me first at 4:30 in the morning. Thinking she had to go out. I got up and let her. I came back to bed and and she awaken me again at 5:35am. This time as I was gett! ing out of bed I noticed that there was bright ball of red light over the neighbor’s house which is about 100’ from my house. I got out of bed and went over to my bed room window. Now I live in bi-level home and my bedroom is about 20’ from the ground. Which looking at my neighbor’s house I can see the top of his roof since his house sits lower on the grade. I raised the window and stuck my head out to get a clear unobstructed view. This is when I first reported this that I thought it was football field’s length away when it wasn’t. I taken notice of the multi-color lights on the craft which where a translucent red, green blue green, and amber to pale yellow. I listen for a sound from the craft and there was low hums that change in pitch but it did remain at the low pitch hum. I remember that early morning because it was extremely cold out and no wind or sound. I live in the woods and it was so quite you could hear a pin drop. I awaken my roommate and told him to come to! the window and see this UFO. He did and asked what it is. No! w he’s n ot a believer and he tried to convince himself that it wasn’t but he was looking at the same things I was looking at. Has he watched it he was in disbelief? I told him to stick his head out of the window and listen. He didn’t hear anything at first and I said just listen. He than hear the low hum also. He asked why is it just floating there. Than he turn and went back to bed. He was acting strange than. My two dogs where in the room with me and one was back under the bed and the other left the room. I told my roommate too come back here and look. He did, but he appeared dazed and disoriented. We watch this for about 5 minutes I walked over to the bed room wall and turned the outside flood lights on and off. He than told me to stop and live it off and come back to the window. At the time an amber color light came on under the craft and the craft started moving very slow towards the southwest over the tree tops into the woods. I watched as the craft turn slight and ! it appeared to glide as it slowly moved over the trees tops. I remembered seeing the edge of the craft which I distinctly remember being sleek, metallic, very sharp-clean, crisp edge to it. I decided to follow it, so I threw my pants, shoes and hooded sweat shirt on, grab my keys and jumped in my car. I noticed that I couldn’t drive to fast because of the ice that was on the road from a previous snow that we received and everything was frozen. As I drove down out the hills and to a clearing which took me about 3-4 mins. I could see by than the craft apparently picked up speed because it was way off in the distances. I would say about 2 miles away. Even though I was driving in the direction of the craft the whole time. I stopped my car and got out and I could see than that there where multi-color lights going around the center of the craft. I drove down to the main Hwy. but gave up trying to follow it because the roads where to icy to travel at a speed to follow it. I tur! ned around and went back home. Has I got out of my car I hear! d an app roaching object coming towards me. I looked up and there was this white aircraft with bright white lights under both wings and a bright red light under the belly flying just above the tree tops. When I first reported this I stated that it sounded like a prop plane. But I recalled that not only a prop sound but has a high pitch whine to the engine. It was moving I would say about 80-100 mph. It was a white plane and the rear of the plane appeared to have various cross sections on it. I looked straight up and could see the under belly of this plane. It was only about 100 above my head going in the same direction as the craft that was seen. There is no doubt in my mind that it was a military plane that picked this craft up on radar and was in pursuit of it. I contacted the local airport the next day since the office was closed on Sunday to see if they have planes leaving the airport at 5:30 in the morning. They said no. they do recall that Sunday morning being no wind and cold. Which was a rare morning for no wind in the area? I was told to contact HIAirport since they as a local airport do not have radar. I did and never heard back from them. This is my second sighting. My first was back in 10/1973 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. That craft was cigar shape metallic/ silver color with portholes. That I viewed at 2:00am on a clear Sunday afternoon with binoculars. I heard a sound from that craft. It was more of a high pitch whine. Only thing I can truly say is they are here. They’ve been here. The house that the red light was over as well as the antenna like structure that was hanging down from it with multi-color lights on it was my neighbor who shot himself 6 months before. I found his body in the woods 6 days after he did himself in. Family and close friends can’t explain why he did. Is there a link?