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Occurred : 10/15/1986 02:00 (Entered as : 10/00/1986 2:00)
Reported: 10/6/2010 2:08:19 PM 14:08
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Orangeburg, SC
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:2-3 hours
Orangeburg, S.C. to Augusta, GA. - fall 1986 - lights following car - multiple witnessess. Radio request for sighters

Driving to Atlanta from Charleston, S.C. I took backroad short-cuts to 1-20 starting at Summerville, S.C. Sometime after Orangeburg in the dark country side, we noted at least four orange lit shapes following along side the vehicle over fields to our right. On the left was forested area. These orange lit shapes continued along side the car and mimicked the speed of the vehicle, alternating in height and distance from our vehcile throughout this time. At Batesville,S.C., I took a left onto I-20 Westbound towards Augusta, GA.

The lights were then on our left again (South). After about 30 minutes West Bound we came upon a group of vehicles stopped along both sides of I-20 E and W bound, people were out of their cars watching as these lights danced up and down over crop fields. They [the lights] were extremely close, hovered, regained height. We did not stop to get out of car.

The next morning upon arrival in Atlanta there was a request on a local radio station for anyone who had seen these lights to call in. I called my friend and said : "do NOT call that number". We were both frightened we had seen something we were not supposed to know about. It has been rumored for many years there is a secret AF Base in this area, although I have never found it. This is also in the General Area of the Savannah River Nuclear Plant - back roads surrounding this area are very sparsely populated to this day. While on the back road to Batesville, these lights were definitely fo! llowing our car, and were often at a distace of aprox. 200 yards. These light colors ranged from a dark umber to a soft orange. If I sped up, they did too! We were the only car on this road for many miles, through argicultual farm land & swamp areas. If the road went down, so did the lights and shapes - we did not have to crane our necks to look up to see this event. Neither did the people from the cars on the Interstate we encountered some time later.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))