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Occurred : 9/13/2010 00:51 (Entered as : 091310 00:51)
Reported: 9/14/2010 4:12:31 AM 04:12
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Cordoba (Spain),
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 seconds
UFO (Orb) Cordoba,Spain Sept 13th. 2010 What do you believe?? ..stealth technology?

On the night of 12th to 13th of September 2010 (00:51am) i was sitting on a rooftop-terrace with two other young people.


Suddenly one of them pointed into the dark,clear sky and asked: What is that?! Now the three of us all looked up and saw 1 ball in the sky,wich, from our view from the ground,had the size of a marble.

The color was white,grey,lightblue.

A soft color that made it looked like a pearl.

And from our view it moved horizontal,straight line,from right to left.(NW-SE) The object moved fast,accelerated and with an amazing speed it flew from one end to the other end of the sky.That was in just about 3 seconds!! (There was no sound) I knew that i had seen a few videos on the internet of this kind of sightings before.The ball looked exactly like an orb as can be seen on! My belief...

Personally i too believe that it was Human-made. and that there was advanced technology inside.(f.e. because of acceleration) I believe the ball was a cover for both vision and sound for what was hidden inside.

A result of advanced,American,stealth technology,hidden from public.

The speed of the object puzzles me even most.

I believe that someday in the near future,there will be many more of those balls to be seen flying in the sky.WW III.This war will affect all nations of this planet.

It will be a chemical war.The preparations are happening NOW.

Ufo's like these orbs will not have aliens from outerspace inside, although the human beings inside may look like robots.

When people someday will see many balls like these flying in the sky, they will be called ufo's (unidentified and unknown by most of us) and they will be mistaken for alien visitors from outerspace.

(We can destroy ourselves,right? Don't need green marsians for that) Ufo's are examples of HUMAN imagination.

At some point,tech.inventors found out that not flying saucers but circle-shaped aircrafts are best for space and air travelling.

A circle is a sign of perfection and without any corners.

Why do you think that all the planets moving through/in the universe are shaped like balls? So this is what i think and believe..

Anyways- i do fear this future of possible,advanced chemical war...

So what do YOU believe??? (and ever seen something like i have??)