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Occurred : 9/3/2010 01:00
Reported: 9/3/2010 11:01:05 PM 23:01
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Pond Gap, WV
ufo in site over my house right now.09/03/10 at 1:00 am oval rotating shaped craft very bright beams

i recently took pictures of ufo's over my house i put a report in on this web site. it is now 1:00 i just watched a ufo hovering over my house im so scared, i see them all the time, but never this close.i take my strobe lights and minning lights out side about every night,it seems to attract them,i know that souds crazy,but it's true.i've been seeing them for some time now alot.never any thing like tonight i can say WE ARE NOT ALONE!u would have to see to dad thinks im crazy,well not as much now after he saw the pictures i got of them.i take my light out side and shine it around the light i have shines really far.this very bright light apeared out of no where.i watched it for about an hour or would mock what ever i was doing with my had one beam of light,almost looked like a star from a glance at first.untill i started shuting my light on and of in on and off three times,i would shut it off then they would shut there l! ight off,i would go in circles,they would do the same,whatever i did,they kept it's distance for some time then all of a sudden it starts droping outta the sky,comming closer and closer to me.i have had many encounters,but nothing like tonight,i don't get scared was a roating oval ship like.they beam of light was so alumanating and bright it almost hury my eyes the closer it got they more i wanted to go in.i felt frozen i had to watch,i kept debating if i should go in the housefinally it got way to close i got scared,i have a two yr. old so i went in.i live between two mountains it was foggy i could'nt see the stars any more as the fog sat in,it had an aura around it.i don't know what to do im so heart is racing,i don't know if it left.i feel like maybe i shouldnt have pravoked them.what do u do in a situation like this,i don't know.i actually debated if i should call 911,but i figured they would just laugh and think it was a joke,it's not i have pi! ctures 250 actually,not from tonight,my camera broke yesterday! .i would have paid any thing for a camera tonight!i put in another report on this web site.i did'nt here from anybody.please contact me i still have all 250 pictures that i feel should be looked at.thanks for your time!