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Occurred : 8/15/2010 11:00 (Entered as : 15/08/2010 11:00)
Reported: 8/17/2010 7:52:30 AM 07:52
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Essex (Canada), ON
Shape: Changing
Duration:5 min
Saw UFO, photographed UFO

I was working on my youtube vids (not UFOs) in the house around 10.15 am when i got a call from the boys/ETs to come out and look for the craft, grabbed my camera went outside, flippped CBC on with my coffee and started swatting mosquitoes in the miserable heat. It was clear less humidity in the air and sparce fluffy clouds from a little rain we had that night.

As i sat looking up waiting to see what would happen some jets passed overhead and i decided to photograph them figuring i would get those little non-seen UFOs around the jets. I photographed two jets passing and waited. Just them at 10.39.24 i see a silver star appear exactly were i saw the V UFO yesterday. I jumped up with my camera totally pumped and excited aimed the camera and it wouldnt focus, i switched to manual and shot, switched to auto and shot more. The Probe started moving slowly to the east from the west with the direction of the wind, clouds were slowly passing by it. As the probe passed over head i tried to get some video but it would nt work i started shooting as best i could, i then see a jet coming rite at the Probe and i thought the probe would disapear but i didnt, the people in the jet must have seen the probe as it passed pretty close but both jet and UFO were in a light fuzz hazzy cloud, my camera wouldnt focus, the jet then went by, i shot more, ! then another jet was coming rite at it again and it passed by in another fuzzy cloud, my camera wouldnt focus, if the pilots missed it they shouldnt be pilots i thought. I was alittle frustrated because the jet and UFO would had been great shots. As i shot more photos a jet higher up than the UFO came from the East heading West i snapped great focused shots of the UFO and jet. As the UFO probe headed to the east towards the tree i ripped off as many shots as i could until it went out of sight. In total i got 110 shots as it passed overhead. I then felt it wasnt over so i waited looking around for a few minutes seeing nothing, i grabbed the camera coffee and radio swatting mosquitoes in the miserable zombie heat and headed in the house, i looked over the far trees and over them i saw a flashing object moving west, reminded me of snow goose in flight then i remembered my Chatham sighting of the object that flashed like a snow goose, i quickly sat my coffee and radio down turn! ed as fast as i could to shoot it and it was gone in a split s! econd, i t could have been a Ring-Billed gull, but ill never no cause i missed it!!. In the house processing i picked the best, focused and silver shinny shots of the craft and enlarged and enhanced them. in all the photos there seems to be some sort of plasma dripping out of the craft in every shot. Also in a couple of shots there seems to be a black dot on the bottom of the whatever it is. Awsome! im so pumped up over this sighting. Anyway i only sent the best enhanced enlargments and one normal shot for orientation at 135mm focal lenth, and one with the jet and tree a little larger than normal just to see it all alittle better.

((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD))