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Occurred : 6/28/1997 12:00 (Entered as : 06/28/97 12:00)
Reported: 8/10/2010 3:15:52 PM 15:15
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Wilcox, AZ
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:2 hours
hovering cylinder object

I had been visiting Tombstone, Az the day before and was driving on Interstate 10 Eastbound at about noon. not a cloud in the sky. I happened to look out the passenger window I saw what I first thought was one of those blimp type balloons attatched to the ground with cable that used car lots use to advertise. It looked relatively close, just off the highway, in the town I was passing. Not sure of the town, but I will say around the Willcox, AZ area. Anyway. about five minutes later, I again look out the passenfer window and see the same object, at about the same location, but I had traveled at least 5 miles. So I keep on driving and looking at this object every once and a while. Mountains and small towns are going by in the distance, but this objuct is always in the relative same spot in the sky out the passenger wingdow. I must have traveled another half an hour, maybe 45 minutes or so, and this abject is still inn the sky out the passenger window. I then thought if it was tracking me or something. I finally come to an exit on the highway, and I was to see if i can get closer to it. This must be at least 30 miles from where i first see it. I get off the highway and go south, finding the roads to get! me closer. I must have tried for maybe 20 minutes to get closer. I finally stop I get out of my car and take a look. It was cylinder in shape, like a soda can, with the "top" facing up. No wings, not a hot air balloon, not a hellicopter, did not hear any sounds of an engine. It was just hovering in the sky. Not sure if it had lights, but something was looking funny in the center of thios object.

After looking at it for 15 minutes or so, I get back into my car and continue east for Philadelphia.