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Occurred : 1/1/2007 13:00 (Entered as : 1/1/07 13:00)
Reported: 7/30/2010 1:56:47 PM 13:56
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Larne (Northern Ireland),
Shape: Circle
sighting in northern ireland and possible abduction.. ongoing

Myself and i keep having reoccurring memories about a sighting we both believe it is true and we always put it down to a dream, thing is it cant be a dream about the same thing on the same night.. every time we see something about ufo sightings it gives us weird feelings.. a programme on national geo channel TV has us worried. it tells of a sighting in Arizona in 1997 about a v shape craft.. we don’t remember a shape as such but when it told of glowing red orbs moving too and from the big thing we just looked at each other in shock.. this is something about what we had both experienced but failed to remember.. this is very real.. what we both agree on is we cannot remember the date, we both agree it was from our back garden at our last address, we looked out over our fence it was dark but not pitch dark more like late dusk or early dawn, a little pink or red tinge to the sky.. i recall to her come here quick what the hell is this come quick some shape about! my 1 o’clock position and about 45 degrees.. by the time she came to see a lot of other red orb lights moving into its area and out from it there where lots i remember shouting woooh did you see that!!! i cant remember what i saw now, i somehow think it was two orbs colliding and becoming one, but as we speak about it now Michele remembers this also.. I also remember saying quick we better check the news, there was a fear of we where being invaded.. there is something chilling about this encounter and as time goes on we are constantly reminded of things, little pieces of this puzzle come back to us with startling reality.. we also have had another dream at the same time as we slept and when we woke in morning we told the same thing to each other that there was something with long fingers coming to get us, we both put it down to Freddy crougar type nightmare.. this Freddy crougar dream happened in my fiancée’s house five years ago. this airborne vision was only 3years a! go .. there was no sound we can remember.. I think 1’m going m! ad.. I u sed to have a good memory , now I feel my short time memory has had something done to it and also I find facial recognition hard in my short term memory ..I am beginning to think I’ve been brain washed. I periodically have dreams that something is at me or coming for me and I cannot open my eyes, I keep fighting this to no avail . eventually I can open my eyes . these dreams come on for no reason, I feel helpless and I cannot move no matter how hard I try, its like my eyes are glued shut but I am conscious and aware of something being there. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced these things as we have and I still do..

I was an auto technician until I hurt myself in an accident, I have an average education, I have all these things in my head about stuff I should know nothing about, I have emailed professor Stephen Hawking about these things,, I am yet to have a satisfactory answer, I have also emailed Ronald Mallett, Professor at the University of Connecticut.. I have yet to get a reply.

I do not know why I know this stuff or at least know how to question the things I do, I am no physicist.

yours sincerely