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Occurred : 10/21/2007 13:55 (Entered as : 10/21/07 13:55)
Reported: 4/26/2010 6:20:33 PM 18:20
Posted: 5/12/2010
Location: Elk Grove, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:8 min
Chrome sphere(s) over farmland outside Sacramento California spotted from twin prop passenger aircraft

I was flying on a twin propeller engine passenger aircraft from Palm Springs to Sacramento. i spotted a total of 3 seperate sphere's traveling in straight lines in different directions, they appeared one at a time and no two were visible at the same time. there was one, then 2 minutes later another, then 4 minutes later the final one appeared and flew out of sight just as the first two had. The aircraft was approximately 20-30 minutes south of Sacramento. i was sitting in the window seat on the left side (facing forward) of the aircraft looking out the window trying to pass the time. i often have my nose glued to the window looking out during flights so it's not unusual or random that i was gazing out the window at that particular moment. i observed the first sphere traveling above the ground heading south westish (based on the assumption that we were indeed traveling North). it was very difficult to determine speed and size of each sphere because I was tra! veling in the airplane. the airplane i was in was traveling about 10-12K feet, or however high those airplanes fly during travel(horizon airlines). we were at cruising altitude, that is, we never appeared to go any higher than that for hours at a time, and only descended for landing.

The first sphere was like a ball of light, likely emitting light rather than reflecting (although if this ball was chrome or mirrored as was the second, it COULD also have been simply reflecting sunlight). since it never lost its brilliance, i assume it was emitting light rather than reflecting. i got the brief impression that it was lite-green in color. this sphere was farthur from my eyes and closer towards the earths surface so i could observe it for about 6 seconds before it flew out of line of sight from my little window. i was taken by slight surprise by this because it was the first one and moderately gained my attention. it seemed to be traveling quickly, faster than the cars traveling nearby. i would approximate the size of this one to be slightly larger than a minivan. if one were to crush a short school bus into a sphere that would be about the size, approximately. again very hard to determine considering that i was in a moving airplane at about 10K feet.

Continuing to stare out the window, i was eager to see it again. between this sighting and the next i could see a small small recreation/agriculture airplane and make out the fusalage from the wings. so i'm very confident that this first object (along with the subsequent 2) was a perfect sphere, not birds or planes. and i'm very confident that the first object was in motion. so after a brief minute or two another one flew by, this time it was headed directly in the direction we had come from. this second sphere was what really got me intruiged, this one appeared to be less than 300 ft away from the aircraft. Way close! it traveled at the same altitude, didn't go up or down, it was traveling in a straight line directly south. this sphere was definately chrome in color, about the size of a minivan. it was very hard to determine if it was just floating there or traveling rather slowly. if it was floating in place and the airplane passed over it (not directly because i could st! ill see it from the windows on the side of the plane) it would appear to the observer to be moving. so it's difficult for me to determine if it was moving in a straight line south or whether it was simply floating. i asked several people in front and behind my seat (same seating oreintation) if they "saw that?". i was frustrated that they hadn't and I had caused a minor disturbance on the plane because i was frustrated that nobody was looking out the window because they would have also seen it. i was mad that they missed this event because they had their face in a book. i was essentially trying to find another witness but nobody else claimed they saw it. accepting that this was likely to be a personal experience i let it go and continued to press my nose against the window.

several minutes later i spotted the final and most distant sphere. this was bright in color, no hints of green, only white, bright white. this one was traveling West, of the three seperate objects, this one appeared to be closest to the ground.

upon landing, i found a pilot sitting in the small Sacramento Airport that we were awaiting our flight transfer at. i asked him if he knew what a chrome colored sphere shaped object would be doing in the air? he immediately suggested a balloon and i was disappointed at the thought that a balloon makes sense. weather balloon or party balloon. so i then asked him how many balloons he has seen in the air during his career (excluding hot air balloon), he responded with zero balloons. i described our flight path and he said, "aah, yes i just flew on that flight". unspecific to whether he was pilot or co-pilot, i will never forget his face, broad jaw like Elvis, i could spot him anywhere. he also admitted to having not seen the objects (or at least the up close chrome ball) for himself. i was the sole witness.

3 spheres, one at a time, first one was lite-greenish headed opposite direction of plane, the second was way close and i got a very good look at it for the breif 2 seconds it was in sight. my eyes were able to lock on and focus on it before it dissappeared out of my line of sight, it was traveling in roughly the same direction as the first. and the third was faint, bright white and headed westward towards Pacific ocean. i have seen footage of an identical chrome sphere in a ufo clip filmed in Ventura California. i had always been intruiged by ufo's but after this sighting of mine i became very interested for approx 7 months before i was satisfied and no longer interested in persueing clips online or reading such books.

i was 20 yrs old. I have a difficult time believing that it (second Chrome sphere) was a balloon, a little girl would have to run into a random farm field and release it. im not sure if balloons remain inflated at that altitude. NOAA uses whether balloons that look very very similar to it, but i doubt that NOAA would release such a balloon in a flight path especially considering that they are aware of wind direction and speed, if this was a whether balloon, it definately posed a danger to the propellers. too close for comfort.