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Occurred : 4/8/2010 19:37 (Entered as : 04/08/10 19:37)
Reported: 4/10/2010 7:48:57 PM 19:48
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: San Diego, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 hours
4 Triangle UFO's Over San Diego, CA on April 8, 2010

There was UFO activity over San Diego on the evening of April 8, 2010. My wife and 21 year old son witnessed this very strange event while traveling Southbound on 5-S. I am currently in Tucson, AZ, as a retired U.S. Navy Chief (reason being that I retired June 1 of last year and due to our economy going down the tubes, I had no choice but to lose everything and begin traveling in search of my post naval career), but back on wife called me to report seeing 3 rather large (larger than anything Boeing has ever made) triangular shaped craft which was soon joined by a 4th craft. Then the craft merged into one and began making some very interesting shapes in the sky (as you will see on the photos). I immediately informed her to pull over as soon as she could and begin snapping pictures.

Unfortunately by the time I got that message across (our first 2 attempts at connecting via cell phone were no good as we would lose signal), but by the time I got the message across sunset had already set in however, my wife used a Palm Treo 650 cell phone with its camera settings on maximum resolution to take the pictures (in which I have about 25 total). The Palm returned some very interesting photos to say the least. Upon receiving the pics I immediately reported the sighting to MUFON and filed a report: Case Number: 22723. At the end of the event they all seemed to merge into 1 or 2, dipped down from their hover and shot skyward at a very high rate of speed (in which one of them pulsed red as he/she ascended) Later that evening I noticed that 2 or 3 other people in Southern California reported UFO activity. One report identically mirrored what my wife and son saw (which indicated 4 craft merging into 2). We are DEFINITELY not alone in this universe.

Thank you.