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Occurred : 2/18/2010 01:00 (Entered as : 02/18/10 1:00)
Reported: 2/21/2010 2:57:49 PM 14:57
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Blanchard, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour
I'm still seeing those flickering lights, and according to the reports, I'm not alone!!! This time the colors are more vivid!!!!

When I got home late from my 2nd shift job, and pulled in my drive way. I noticed those flickering craft in the clear night sky again! I have reported these crafts 3 different times to three different organizations! This makes # 4. But no one will take me serious. I HAVE VIDEO AND LOTS OF IT, THEREFORE I HAVE PROOF!!!! But these amazing air crafts, just keep showing up!!!!!! I have looked at many reports and to my surprise , A lot of people are reporting the same thing. Flickering lights that emit multi colors, and then the light orange ones that don’t flicker. The light orange ones are different! They slowly dim down and move and then slowly light back up. They move the same as the flickering ones though! A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE SEEING THE SAME AIR CRAFTS!!!! From the east coast to the west!!!! If your reading this please contact me!!! I will show you!!!!! EVERY NIGHT THE SKY IS CLEAR THEY ARE THERE!!! Some nights they are more active then others. And on 02/18/10 they were active and flickering brighter than ever!! I’ve seen them so much now that I always assume they are there. And when I look, sure enough there they are! I always confirm it by waiting for them to move. I have 6 rough hours of video edited down to 2 hours. Plus on the 18th of Feb, I taped some more!!!!!! You can see the movements on tape but its hard to see, because I believe these crafts are hovering possibly outside of our atmosphere. Making them who knows how far away!!!! But you can see the movements on tape and a lot easier with the naked eye!!! On 02/18/10 I had to get out my video camera due to the fact that, I’ve never seen the multi colors so bright and vivid before! On this night two of them where unusually bright and vivid, and these two looked liked identical twins, both flickering at the same rate and everything!!!! Then there was 1 normal whitish one flickering out in th! e distances. But when I got my wife outside to look she was also surprised that the colors where so noticeable, but then she pointed out that the orange one that was almost straight above us, was dimming down. And when I looked I saw it dim down and move around erratically and then stop and brighten up. Just to repeat its self and dim down again and move. It did this over and over again. They make all kinds of weird turns, stops, loops, dips and zig zags. There is no craft known by the general public that is capable of what they do. I have lots of theories about who they are and what there doing , and how they do what they do. But I need help bringing this to light!!!!!!! I need more witnesses, and a lot better camera!!!!! WE NEED TO BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH IN EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!! I would really love to meet up with anyone and show them what I’m seeing. I promise , you will believe me if you allow me to show you!!!!!!!!!!!! Ple! ase contact me!!!!!