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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/19/2010 21:05 (Entered as : 01/19/2010 21:05)
Reported: 2/20/2010 9:30:13 AM 09:30
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Azusa, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:6 minutes
Date 1/19/2010 21:05-11 Red lights blinking or turning on/off in an estimated shape of a triangle.

Witnesses: 1 Azusa, CA At around 21:05 hours. Evening dark sky partly cloudy. One witness was at his work walking his normal route. As he walked outside of the building he was in. He looked around at his surroundings and a very bright red light in the sky caught his attention. He looked to the south eastern sky and saw a group of red lights. They were blinking or turning on and off. It seemed to be in a pattern then turned randomly and one small white light in the middle of them all on for the duration of the sighting. It was slow moving to the north west from the south west. The witness looked at the lights and could not make of it any conventionally known craft other than experimental. The planes that usually fly by have red, white and green lights that are flashing or blinking in a sequence. These did not match of those seen normally. And military aircraft run infrared or red and green lights. At about 21:09, the witness took some video and pictures with his cell phone but are useless due to th! e poor technology in cell phone cameras. The red lights were traveling north west to the San Gabriel Mountains near Azusa, CA when it makes an abrupt turn north. And goes north over the mountains and seems to be exactly leveled with the peaks of the mountains which are around 6,000 ft. And was not seen again at about 21:11 hours.

No body or fuselage could be clearly seen with the red lights. The red lights all seemed to be attached to something other than being in formation separately. One white light in the middle of the other lights that seem to be on at all times but very dim. The red lights seen were 2-3 red lights at front of the group of lights, 2-3 on the sides of it and 2-3 at the rear. The witness thinks the object was a triangle shape due to the position of the lights. The altitude would be an approximate of 7-15,000 ft. No sound was herd from the lights. Nothing else unusual was seen that night.

The witness is has seen many commercial aircraft in the area before and is knows what to look for in normal characteristics. This sighting could be an experimental conventional military aircraft of sorts but it was unidentified flying object that could possibly be the real thing.