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Occurred : 2/6/2010 21:40 (Entered as : 02/06/10 21:40)
Reported: 2/7/2010 11:39:12 AM 11:39
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Elkins, WV
Shape: Light
Duration:15 seconds
3 white lights in triangular formation + rapid independent movement seen over Elkins, WV

Location of Sighting: Approximately 2 miles SE of Elkins, WV in the general airspace/direction above Elkins-Randolph County airport (KEKN).

Time: Exactly 8:40 pm EST Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010 Meteorological Conditions: “Socked in” cloud cover, temperature in the mid-20’s. Rather bright out due to snow cover and cloud-refracted ground light.

Objects Sighted: Three small, white orb lights, in triangular formation, also moving independently. Appeared as very bright stars, but BELOW the clouds.

Duration of Sighting: Approximately 15 seconds.

Driving to my friend’s house, exiting my neighborhood on a road that runs due west, 90 degrees to US Rt 219, I noticed three bright star-like lights in triangular formation “parked” still in the sky in a southwesterly direction, about 50 degrees from the horizon line. The lights were seen to my left, out the driver’s side window. Approximate altitude of lights was 2000’ to 2500’. I was instantly alarmed by this, considering the relatively low clouds, and they stood out plainly. I quickly noticed they were moving together, but suddenly they broke formation and began moving in tight, very quick elliptical maneuvers independently. This went on for about 8 seconds, before the “lead” orb began heading SE. The other two lights stopped their maneuvers, and rejoined in formation behind the “lead” orb. I could plainly see sky in between the objects, indicating they were indeed individuals and not one large triangle.

All three were identical in size and brightness. Their velocity seemed the same, as no light moved faster than any of the others. I vocally exclaimed at this, as instinct and logic told me I was witnessing a UFO event. My brain scrambled to find another explanation. The maneuvers were like that of a aerial dogfight, but all movements were rather fluid, albeit extremely fast and precise. These were much too small and fast to be even military aircraft. Also, the G forces being endured in such a craft must have been immense. Being someone who’s somewhat interested in the UFO phenomenon since a childhood sighting, I didn’t take my eyes off of them. There is no military air base near here, though the lights were in the airspace above our small local airport. I happen to be an aviation enthusiast as well, and my eyes are often skyward, and I could tell these were no aircraft. They appeared as small, round lights, white in color, and rather bright like mini Christmas lights. I es! timate the size of the objects would be no more than 10’ in diameter. Top speed was in the 200+ MPH range easily.

As mentioned, they stood out because of the refracted light carried by the clouds, giving an illuminated sort of gray background to my sighting. I continued to watch at a stop sign as the lights maneuvered speedily back into their original triangle formation and proceeded southeast across Rt. 219 at great speed and gaining altitude until they faded out and disappeared through the clouds. There was a moderate amount of traffic, so perhaps I wasn’t the only witness. Anyone traveling south on Rt. 219 may have noticed. I’d like to note that I’m a college graduate, and I consider myself educated, articulate, and very mentally aware of my environment. I cannot explain what I witnessed. Attached is a basic Photoshop rendering of the objects as they appeared prior to executing the elliptical maneuvers. This is also the same formation they returned to after.