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Occurred : 2/1/2010 04:45 (Entered as : 2/1/2010 4:45)
Reported: 2/4/2010 11:41:47 AM 11:41
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Socorro (west of, on Hwy 60), NM
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:5 minutes?
Followed by at very close range, rectangular shape, orange lights approximately 75-85 mph

Highway 60 between Eager, Arizona and Socorro, New Mexico, February 1, 2010, Monday morning 4:30 am. I find myself in a very desolate part of New Mexico on Highway 60 heading east. I am on the road so early because I couldn't sleep, I am sure with anticipation of the very long drive to Denver ahead of me. I have driven up to Eager Arizona to see a friend, stay the night and head out the following day. It was suggested to take 60 because it's a much prettier drive than Interstate 40. I had done that so many times, I could drive that in my sleep, a new route was in order. However, because it was so very dark, I didn't see much. The occasional fog patch and lone vehicle heading in the opposite direction. I could see silouettes of the landscape and there was snow on the ground that dimly luminated my surroundings. I was awake. Very awake. Just finished a large cup of coffee, listening to Sirius stand-up comedy (satellite radio) and driving very fast 75-85 mph. I was alone on this road.

Judging from some of the signs I had passed, I thought I was coming up on a small town and slowed down a bit. I started to gain on a mini van and decided to hold back and not pass until we went through the town. Being the kind of driver I am, I am constantly looking at my surroundings. Both side mirrors, rear view mirror and of course, straight ahead. Not coming up on any town and I start to think about passing the van.

I look in my driver side mirror and there is suddenly a vehicle directly behind me, only more toward the center of the two lane highway than in my lane. As if it were thinking about passing me. I'm thinking, what the...I did not see anything in the distance, had not gone around any curves, nothing obscured my view of several miles behind or in front of me. I did not pass any roads either for somebody to get on to the highway. My first impression other than how freakishly close it was to my tailgate, was that is was the grill of an older model 80's, boxy Chevy truck. I never saw a truck, just what I have illustrated on my drawing. It was directly, 3 - 4 FEET behind me. We are traveling at maybe 75 mph. .. I'm thinking, pass me buddy. I look in my rearview, see only the lights (not all of them), side view, looks like it wants to go around. I move to the right to indicate he is cleared for passing. Look again, it's right on me, look forward to make sure I am not too close to the van which is at a very safe distance, then look back to see where it is. It vanished. I even slowed down to look behind me to see where it went, no dust from going off the road, we did not pass a road to turn (going to fast and it was far too close to me to make a sudden turn), there were no ditches, no tail lights behind...nothing. Just gone.

At the time, I wasn't thinking UFO, but I thought the grill was odd and the lights weren't the average color or placement. Why didn't I see the shape of the truck I thought it was? Why were the main headlights a soft orange and why was there more than one turn signal light? Honestly, I did not see the whole thing, just what I could see in my drivers side mirror at a very close range. There is no way it could have come up so fast without me seeing it. I was going very fast and was on the lookout..(I didn't want a ticket for speeding).

After it was gone, my mirror was really dirty, foggy, I rolled the window down and tried to wipe it clean. It wouldn't clean up, just smear. AND, I felt a tremendous need to sleep. I could not keep my eyes open. I rolled the windows down, thinking the cold air would keep me awake until the sun came up. Didn't help so much. I fought it and finally came upon a very small town just as the sun started to come up. I pulled over, where there were several buildings and some activity and gathered my thoughts. At first, I thought maybe it was a ghost truck, don't laugh. I did think that. Then as I drove on it occurred to me Roswell was just over the mountain range...really?? could it be?? It all really struck me as bizarre, the way it happened. The rate of speed, how it suddenly appeared, how close it was to my truck and the way the "truck grill" looked, not quite right..and, how it suddenly vanished.

Do I report this? If so, to who? As I showered, I checked for any weird just never know.