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Occurred : 1/18/2010 15:00 (Entered as : 01/18/10 15:00)
Reported: 2/3/2010 1:37:28 PM 13:37
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Oldwick, NJ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 min- 3 min
Triangular object with 40+ lights hovering over Oldwick, New Jersey.

While driving into town on a back road I noticed a low flying object about 80ft in front of me about 60ft up so it caught my eye and when i looked directly at it I hesitated thinking it was some strange plane but then instantly knew it was something else. The "UFO" was triangular in shape with somewhere between 40-60 lights on the underside of it all with the same brightness and standard yellowish color. I stopped on the side of the road, got out of the car and starred at the object for at least a minute, watching it hover around over the tree tops. I tried as hard as possible to absorb as much info as I could about this object because it would be so hard to tell someone what I saw later on. I was able to conclude that if it was on the ground it would have been about 10-15ft across with about 50 lights tightly packed together taking up the entire area of the underside of the object. The lights stayed on as rows consecutively turned off and then back on as th! e next row did. After about 15 seconds some of the lights turned off to create an arrow shape on the underside of the object with the rows turning on and off the same way; the arrow was pointing in the direction it was moving. The object made no sound whatsoever and made erratic movements back and forth on either side of the road going only a few miles per hour as if the wind was pushing it along back and forth. After staring at it for a minute the object started going down the street in the direction I was heading. I immediately got back into the car and started chasing after it. I never lost sight of it while chasing it and it started going faster than I could keep up with it. I looked at the speedometer and I was going in excess of 60 MPH and still accelerating for another quarter mile until the road came to an intersection where the road i was on ended and the object continued straight in the direction it was going over the tree line due east. I could not get a photo be! cause it was dark and the quality of my camera phone was poor.! The wea ther was clear and it was at 7:00 pm so it was dark. About my self, I have never believed in UFO's and I never had an interest in it before in fact I would laugh about it when people on tv claimed they saw something. I was going from my house to my job as a firefighter so there was no drug/alcohol involved. I am currently a college student. This is the first time I have ever seen something like this and have done research to see if this was a military object and could not find anything close to what I saw except for other similar triangular UFO's but they usually only have three lights as opposed to my blinking 50 or so lights.