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Occurred : 1/23/2010 22:45 (Entered as : 23 01 10 22:45)
Reported: 1/23/2010 6:01:59 PM 18:01
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Abingdon (UK/England),
Shape: Light
Duration:5 mins
strange lights in the sky

I first observed these light on Christmas day, I had been driving home and spotted an unusual light in the sky about 20:15, at first I thought it was an aircraft, as I watched it it seemed to turn 90 degrees to the right and after a few more minutes disappeared. There's someting distinctive about this light, and as an Aircraft pilot myself am posstive that it is not an aircaft.

A week or too later I was working in the evening in Abingdon again spotted the same light. It's quite distinctive, an orange glow very bright and moves slowly. Over the last week or so I have witnessed this light on a few ocassions, each around the same time 22 to 23 hrs and in the same area of sky over Abingdon. Even when the cloud base is low the light is clearly visable and there is no aircraft noise associated with it.

However tonight approaching Abingdon around 22:45 there were 3 distingtive individual bright lights all identical in an almost triangular patten again moving slowly,but in different directions. I had been driving at the time so wasn't able to obsereve exactly when they dissapeared but after about 5 minuites observing the same area where the lights had been seen they had dissapeared.