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Occurred : 1/15/2010 00:18 (Entered as : 01/15/10 00:18)
Reported: 1/15/2010 1:27:44 AM 01:27
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:5 Minutes
Bright light changes color from blue to red as it circles, hovers, dips, and rises up, only to eventually circle back down.

This is now the 3rd time that I've seen this. Southwest of my location in Carlsbad, I spotted a bright blue light in the sky. Following it, the light would turn blue as it flew to my left and then it would turn red as it flew back towards the right. It circled in the same exact spot in the sky that I've seen it before. The light also hovered, dipped, and shot up into the air, behaving much like a toy helicopter. Once again, though, from this distance, someone must have put a ton of lights on it, if that's what it is. The lights seem brighter than a normal aircraft's lights would be from the same distance. It's seen south and fairly close to Palomar Airport, which is my concern. In this third sighting, I contacted the local PD for the second time. I did not report it to the local PD the first time I saw it, but I have for the second and third sightings. I still believe that someone may be flying something that's either a remote control plane, helicopter, or a! toy UFO out of a neighborhood park near Poinsettia Ln and Ambrosia Rd. I will get video if this continues. It seems to disappear by slowly circling down towards the ground as it gradually drops out of view. That's the main reason I believe this is coming out of a local park and not an actual aircraft flying out over the ocean. I may have the distance wrong, however, and someone may be flying this from the beach. The officer I spoke with told me that I was the only one that called it in tonight, so that's why I believe it must be closer than Interstate 5 and the coast.