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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/4/2010 22:00 (Entered as : 1/4/2010 22:00)
Reported: 1/7/2010 9:58:07 PM 21:58
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: El Cajon, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:Noticed from dusk to dawn
"Fake stars" over San Diego, CA

At turn of the new year, I stepped outside a moment before it turned midnight and noticed three red lights hovering. I would like to point out these are not the lights I'm referring to as these have been dismissed as a hoax.

That being said, the red lights caused me to notice the sky more than I had been and my husband and I noticed at least a couple dozen stars that flicker, rather than twinkle as a star does. These lights can be either a silvery color, or golden, but they all alternately flash red also. The first couple nights, we just gazed in amazement and didn't notice too many details. But I do know they seemed to move very slowly if you watched them long enough. I don't mean that my perspective on them changed as Earth rotated; I mean that they steered every so slowly to a different position and then stopped. They also seemed to be clustered in one small area around Orion's belt mostly, until Orion's belt moved out of sight. BUT even after Orion moved out of sight these strange fake stars would still be in the same area. They never left the area even after Orion (there are rarely any other stars visible in San Diego at night lately) was way out of sight due to the Earth's rotation.

Nights of 1/3-1/5, I stayed out as often and late as I could given that I have three kids to take care of. I peeked out a couple times per hour, staying up late and watching them til 3 or 4 in the morning. They seemed to light in 1 position and stay there constantly for the most part on these nights, with the occasional one disappearing suddenly or shifting slightly. Colors remain same. I have noticed that there is one set that I call the Non-Rectangle, because if it weren't for one "star" being up and out a little bit too much, they would form a perfect rectangle. However, they are in a different configuration every night, i.e. the "slightly off star" would be on the bottom and left one night, and on top and right the next. Makes me think it's a craft that lands in a different spot every night and thinks we won't notice.

1/6 and 1/7, 2010 I have not been able to go outside to watch their behavior, I have just had too many things to do.

I got video, in fact about 10 of them with my webcam since I don't have a regular camera, but strangely, I can't get them to upload to any of the sites I tried to upload them to. I managed to get 1 pic on my cell phone to show up and I will try to attach it.

The oddest thing of all to me, is that no one else is talking about them, everyone is concentrated on the sham red lights of New Year's Eve that one guy hoaxed. However, my kids and mom see them, and so does my apartment complex manager, so they are truly there.

One other strange detail is that on 1/3-1/5, there have been a highly unusual number of small, low-flying normal planes as well as helicopters, making me wonder if they're "investigating." I have not been able to stay awake and outside to witness them make their "disappearance" at dawn so I don't know what that consists of.

They are currently still there, although small in number at this precise moment. I can't figure out for the life of me why people aren't interested in them.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD))