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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/25/2009 19:46 (Entered as : 12/25/09 19:46)
Reported: 12/28/2009 8:08:01 PM 20:08
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Cleburne, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4 to 5 minutes
Huge, silent aircraft seen under 500 feet Xmas night by trained observer for 4 to 5 minutes

Huge UFO seen from the rear on Christmas night, 12/25/2009! At around 7:40 pm CDT, I drove to a corner store, about one mile from my house, for a package of little cigars and a coke to see what remained of our first ‘white Christmas’ in 83 years (before I was born!).

As I returned to my car from inside the store where I had visited with the owner for a few minutes or so, something caught my eye low in the due northern sky: a yellowish/white broad light that was not shining at me, or out in front of the object, but was ‘glowing’ downwards, but not casting a ‘beam’ of light! I thought, how strange, but then the brisk cold air got to me so I hurried on home to see if I could get a better look at this, thing.

Less than five minutes later, or, about 7:46 to 7:48 pm CDT, I parked my car at home and walked to my porch and looked up to the lower southern sky and saw this HUGE rear end of what could not have been an airplane, as it was only a few hundred feet off the ground, and the rear lights were perfectly huge! There were four of them, two yellowish/white and two reddish/white, perfectly circular, spaced one after the other (white, red, white, red) in a roll in shape with a red blinking light in the middle or, possibly in the bottom area, when I thought it was likely an airplane, but I heard no sound whatsoever.

What I was looking at, that was gliding so slowly that if it had of been some known aircraft; it would have fallen from the sky, seemed to me to be the rear end of a triangle-shaped UFO I have seen graphics of and some videos of from eyewitnesses.

These lights were not bright, did not give off a ‘brightness glow’ nor were they hard to look at, yet they were soft in their illumination.

The huge object was almost hovering as it was gliding so slowly. I watched it moving towards the due south, and I know where the due south is from my front yard, having a compass watch that I calculate with every season, plus I know my star charts, being a former Navy SeaL and navigator.

These four lights were perfectly round and did not blink at all: only the small red light blinked in an odd manner unlike the belly lights found on traditional aircraft that blink in a continuous series as a warning. I know this from having once worked for Delta Airlines as a Fuel Service Agent. This little red light would blink real fast, and then stop, and then blink real fast a few seconds later, and stop.

I was very awed, despite my past in witnessing and videotaping such oddities we call UFOs, standing out in the 30F odd degree cold night air, as I truly believed that I was seeing the rear end of a triangle shaped UFO gliding southwards, ever so slowly.

The area where the large lights were located was a perfectly boxed-in area, or squared off with the lights within.

Now, I had my camcorder just inside my house on the coffee table, as I had been taking footage of the very rare snow that we had gotten yesterday afternoon, 12/24/2009, for the first time since 1926, as the TV news had related.

When my camcorder came to mind, the object had traveled farther away to the due south, although I thought I could get some footage of it.

I decided to watch it instead, as if I had of gotten footage by that time of watching it for about four minutes, it would have been seen as simply colored lights that I described above in the cold night air, becoming smaller as it traveled slowly away.

CONCLUSION: This object was too huge and flying too low and silently to have been any known, earthly aircraft! Because of the placement of the huge circular lights to the rear of the object; rule out any earthly aircraft.

These were not ‘fixed winged lights’ that shine out in front of airplanes, as this object was heading away from me to the south, plus the fact of its slow rate of speed and freezing night air; rule out a horizontal hot air balloon of any type based upon little to no wind and the object was moving in such a fixed position that it did not vary even slightly! I affirm that the above is true and correct as I have described.