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Occurred : 12/11/2009 02:50 (Entered as : 12/11/09 02:50)
Reported: 12/11/2009 5:18:08 PM 17:18
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:2 Minutes
This UFO displayed a bright blue light when flying to the left and a bright red light when flying to the right, moved fast and circled.

At approximately 2:50am, while looking Southwest from a business just South of Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California, a bright blue light in the sky caught my attention while I had been outside walking in a parking lot. The light was at the horizon and seemed far away, like it might be near Interstate 5 or the coastline. However, the light was brighter than it should have been if it was a regular aircraft flying from that far away. It was also quiet, so I assumed it was too far away for me to hear. The blue light was flying to the left. That's what really made me stop to look at it. I thought something was strange about what I was looking at. I work by an airport so I'm used to seeing lights in the sky all the time, but something seemed strange about this one. If an aircraft is flying from the right to my left in front of me, shouldn't I be seeing a red navigation light? The light slowed and changed colors. It went from blue to red and flew back to my right. It appeared to be circling something off in the distance, like a police helicopter. My initial thought was that it WAS a police helicopter, but I was still confused by the lights and the direction of travel. I have this saying to remember which side of an aircraft the lights are on: "Go right ahead." I think of green meaning 'go' and 'right' reminds me that green should be on the right side of the plane. As I stood there and watched, I expected to see a white search light come on. It never did. It circled a few times, even seemed to hover. It would moved off quickly again, dipped, and sometimes dipped so low that I couldn't see it anymore because it dropped below the horizon. It seemed to always be on the move and wouldn't sit still for long. I was looking over the top of a nearby warehouse, but at such an angle that I was almost level with the roof of the building so I could see the shape of A/C units silhouetted against at the night sky. I kept walking when I lost site! of it and tried to walk to a better vantage point nearby wher! e the bu ildings were not in the way and so that I might have been able to see more sky, but the light never reappeared. I stood watching it for at least a solid minute, maybe two, long enough to see it move back and forth a few times, and for me to think about what I was seeing. Stranger still, even if the navigation lights were somehow switched, I am certain the light was BLUE and not green when flying to the left. I walked by a traffic light soon there after and compared that color to a blue business sign off the side of the road. The light was definitely blue and not green. Thinking back on it, at the moment that it turned, I do believe that I saw a white center light and possibly two very small and dim red/green navigation lights very close together, which seemed right for the distance I thought I was seeing the aircraft at, however once its side faced me, it turned a very bright red flying to the the right, and a very bright blue flying to the left. There were no other aircraft! coming or going from Palomar Airport at the time. Things were pretty quiet with hardly any cars on the road. There were no sirens I could hear, no police cars or ambulances were flying down the road heading towards it. The weather was partially cloudy with a low ceiling. The aircraft was definitely below the clouds. If I had to guess what it was, I would still go with something like a police helicopter, but I've never seen them use a light set up light this. It behaved like a helicopter with its movements, circled, dipped, hovered, and moved off very fast, but everything just felt odd. I thought the lights were brighter and different. Back home, I even have a medical helipad nearby in which medical helicopters often land at in the middle of the night. Even close by, the medical helicopter lights were pale by comparison and they would often turn on a search light when landing. I checked my watch when I finally lost sight of the UFO and the time was 2:52am. I didn't suffer a! ny missing time, didn't feel any different, other than a bit c! onfused by what I saw now. I'm ex-military and a trained observer. I wish the lights were closer so I could provide more detail. I believe what I was witnessing was maybe 2 to 3 miles away. My best guess would be somewhere along I-5 or the coast between Palomar Airport Road and Poinsettia Lane, closer to Poinsettia.