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Occurred : 12/3/2009 13:22 (Entered as : 12/03/2009 13:22)
Reported: 12/3/2009 12:11:46 PM 12:11
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: North Port, FL
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 seconds
Something falling out of the sky, dimming my skylight, followed by a loud explosion heard throughout the neighborhood.

I am not exactly sure what took place other than I am certain that what produced the very loud explosion, came from the sky.

Time: Approximately 1:22 PM on Thursday, December 3, 2009.

Location: North Port, Florida I was sitting in my bathroom applying makeup, almost directly underneath the bathroom skylight. I did not have the bathroom light on and was applying the makeup with the natural lighting.

Suddenly, something crossed over the skylight and dimmed the room substantially. Within approximately 2-3 seconds, there was a very loud explosion, as though something very heavy and large, hit the ground. The sound shook the house and sent all three of our cats into hiding.

Initially, when seeing the dimming only, I thought it was a bird, although it would have had to be rather large. I also considered an airplane but did not hear one single sound, such as jet engine or other noise. I then went out to see if I could find anything. The explosion so quickly after seeing the dimming, made me consider an airplane due to the severity of the noise and the fact that the house shook.

Note: Our house is surrounded by dense woods on both sides, as well as in the back.

I went onto the back lanai and checked, however, did not notice anything in the immediate backyard. I did not notice any additional or unusual sounds, nor did I notice any smoke or fire. For a very brief period of time, I did note a very odd odor, which I cannot identify. It dissipated rather quickly. It was not strong, but was something that I have not ever smelled before. I returned to the house after my initial inspection.

At approximately 1:26 I telephoned the North Port Police Department. I was transferred to Dispatcher Martin and asked if anyone had reported seeing/hearing anything. She stated that yes, other people in the neighborhood had contacted the North Port PD about the noise. She also stated to me that there were two officers en route to our general neighborhood. The call with Dispatch ended. I returned outside to look around some more.

Upon returning to the front of the house, I observed that all power lines/transformers seemed to be in tact without smoke. At that time, two NP PD officers pulled in front of my home and my neighbor’s. Three neighbors then emerged from their respective homes. One officer spoke with the neighbors across the street from me, while the other spoke with me.

I was asked what transpired and told the officer exactly what I witnessed. I pointed to the skylight and told him that I was almost directly underneath it when the room dimmed considerably, followed very quickly with a loud explosion. All of my neighbors and I thought that the noise came from a slightly different location, but all agreed to it being extremely close to our three houses. To my knowledge, I was the only one who “saw” anything, in addition to the explosion. The officer asked if I would be home for the day in the event that he had to come back to speak with me, of which I told him, “yes”.

The officers did not go into the woods, nor the side/back of my home. The officers remained on scene for approximately 10 more minutes and then left. I returned to my home and once again, went to look out in the back/side yards, of which did not observe anything unusual.

Note: It was approximately 2:00 PM when the cats came out of hiding.

At approximately 2:11 PM, I made another call to Dispatch Officer Martin and asked if they had found the cause of the explosion. She stated that despite dispatching “several officers” to the neighborhood, they did not find a cause and said it was strange.

Again, I did not actually "see" anything, but noticed a considerable dimming in the lighting as something passed overhead while in the bathroom, putting on makeup underneath the skylight. Oddly enough, within 2-3 seconds, there was a huge explosion, that shook the house.