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Occurred : 9/29/2009 19:00 (Entered as : 09/29/2009 19:00)
Reported: 9/29/2009 7:07:38 PM 19:07
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Nacogdoches, TX
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:90 Seconds
I saw a pink-tinted craft of rectangular shape that resembled an angular jellyfish moving quickly past the moon shortly before dusk.

I witnessed a UFO from a country road, FM 2112, just outside Nacogdoches, Texas at 7:15 Central Time. The driver of the car I was in spotted it first, and pointed it out to me.

The craft was flying in close proximity to where the moon could be seen. It was not dark outside yet, and not yet dusk, but it was almost time for the sun to go down. The sky was light blue and clear, with no clouds or discoloration.

The craft was flying much faster than I would expect to see a plane flying, and we rarely see airplanes of any kind in my area. The shape was a rectangle, but it was like the main shape of the craft was a very skinny and curvy diamond with more faint parts filling in the corners of the rectangle shape.

The whole thing was a pink tint, like a jellyfish, but with a more definite shape. It didn't flash or anything, but it did look slightly fluorescent. It was very easy to see, and it was almost the size of the almost full moon, which was relatively large compared to normal.

After about a minute and a half, our view got blocked by trees, and by the time we could see the sky again a minute or two later, the object was gone.