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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/6/2007 14:00 (Entered as : ggsfmcl@in 14:00)
Reported: 8/19/2009 9:38:43 PM 21:38
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Brownlee (southwest of), NE
Shape: Oval
Duration:few minutes
I sighted a UFO on Oct. 6, 2007 and reported it on this site. Approximately a month later, I believe it was Nov. 7, 2007, I saw something unusual in the sky. I was miles away from others (except for an elderly woman I was caring for.) She didn't see this.

I was outside shaking out some scatter rugs when I saw an object floating overhead pretty high in the sky. I'm estimating a fourth of a mile in the sky. I was in the country at an isolated house, and it was a sunny day, clear sky, and here was this thing floating in the sky overhead slowly. I was near my car, and I had a digital camera in the car, so I got it, and took three pictures.

By the time I got the camera out and took the first picture, it was some distance away from me, still just floating in the sky soundlessly. It appeared to be the good year blimp, way far up in the sky. By the time I took three pictures, it was hard for me to see the object anymore. The odd thing was, all of a sudden this object created a noise like a large plane (I am not into aircraft but the sound I described at the time was a B1 bomber sound). Its as if they were floating above, enjoying the peaceful landscape, and then they saw me watching them and they wanted me to think they were a common airplane.

It is as if they flipped a switch to create the noise. Incidentall, I've seen blimps, and this really wasn't a blimp, just resembled one.

I didn't want to send the pictures because I was disgusted at your website for putting down another person who had reported sightings at approximately the same time I did. You more or less accused him of being a hoax. I felt he was telling the truth. All the time, I knew I would send it to you at some time, because I wanted you to enhance it and see what you could see.

Tonight I saw Larry King Live and three gentlemen were discussing UFO's, and the lack of evidence. I got on my computer to see the photos, and this is the only one I can find. I think it was the best of the three, but I still wonder what happened to the other two photos, they were in my Photo Library, now none are there. I may be wrong. This was in one of my documents. I decided to send it tonight in case this photo disappears.

I may be wrong on the date and time, but I know it was in the afternoon and I'm pretty sure it was Nov. 7th. I know it was 2007.

Somewhere I have it down, but I didn't want to put this off any longer, as this photo may disappear.

See what you can see.

Thank you