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Occurred : 8/3/2002 02:25 (Entered as : 08/03/2002 02:25)
Reported: 8/9/2009 7:29:21 PM 19:29
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Bloomfield (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:2-3 Mins
Two dull white lights moving in unison and redirecting in tandem together as one large craft 500 Lights On Object0: Yes

I wanted to report this sighting to you.As I feel it most important that others understand this is NOT a joke.I have witnessed something that today compells me to share these sightings in testimony to you and others who read this report.I have a lifetime belief that I'm under contact of higher intelligence/s-since childhood.I can only submitt data observed in truth without fear, but fascination to share.Here's what happened that early Morning, Aug.3rd,2002.I had awoken at my camp site.It was approximately, after 2:20am.I was still half asleep,dazed, finding myself awakening in the chair-dozed off.My campfire was out-all sound came from nature-ie Bull frogs/Crickets.After 11:00pm here,most of camp is asleep.Still dazed,I got up and looked up at clear night sky.The display of the many star constellations amazed me, that I don't see in the city.I went to my car to unlock the driver's door.I looked up near above and noticed a single dull white light moving across the sky, heading southward.Instantly realizing it was a jet and looked down again to focus.I then walked around to get some camp gear into the car.Within a minute,I again looked up and notice NOW.Two white dull lights following in unison close together trailing in tandem.I'm guessing hundreds of yards apart to even maybe half mile apart.These lights were high like a jet.Yet, I then noticed no sound coming from the aircraft high above.I though that is strange and ran to the picnic table for my flashlight.The speed of these lights seemed like a Cessna plane.Yet were quite high like a jet, at a high altitude.I signaled them with my high powered flashlight at each light 3-4 times on and off.I then turned flashlight beam in a clockwise motion at both lights 3-4 times.I just stood there looking at them moving across the sky together.After about 30-40 seconds.My spine rosed with a strange bizarre tingle up my neck hairs.Both lights together -redirected, direction together -westw! ard.They did not turn together in a turn, as they should have ! in turin g like conventional aircraft.I was in complete shock realizing that both lights could well be one large craft high above, monitoring down below over Lake Ontario.I felt like screaming to wake up camp of what I had just witnessed.The lights moved westward over Lake Ontario.Within another 20 seconds,I losted sight of them due to the mature tall trees blocking westward sky.After losing them,I thought it not a good idea to scream.I would be considered some type of nut-that earlier morning.Not a good idea ~* I calmed down.Still not believing what my eyes had just witnessed.Now I was fully awake and obsessed in skywatching until 3:30am-nothing more to see .Following the next night, my last night there at camp.I skywatched until 3:30am.I again observed nothing unusual.Following Saturday,on August 10th 2002. I found in the city Newspaper Insight \Section.That on August 3rd,2002 in the early morning.Farmers in Howick ,Quebec found strange crop circles.The formation being called a Qua! druple formation.It now confirmed to me of what I had witnessed that same morning on Aug.3rd 2002.There was a something intelligent and large over the skies in southern Ontario/Quebec that early morning to confirm.Just to note some other strange observations on the ground here at the time during camp Peter.My car clock was 13 minutes slower.Earlier in the week at camp.I heard strange animal sounds near 1:30am.I have never heard these sounds before-high pitched squeaking.Even a cottager across the river shone their high beam flashlight at the strange sound's location described.Here's the kicker to this story of paranormal.My 9 year old son said he saw a Koala Bear in the day.It was the same area as the shrinking that late night.He knows his animals-so what was it ?? The day I came home at camp.Near midnight, when I went to bed.I could hear this same type of sound I heard at camp, now here at home.My body felt highly electrified.Like all my body hair stood up ^ . I was so tired from the late nights before .Previous to 2002,I have witnes! sed othe r aerial anomalies at camp since 1999.It was this sighting and experience that sparked my interest to research and understand.What's going on here ? I feel it possible that I have been abducted numerous times-since childhood.It's almost like it follows you.I do believe this is a life time conditioning.Making it easier to except a intelligent presence around us.Lessening the fright factor.I will include the newspaper article concerning the crop circle formations found in Howick Quebec.Thx again PMS

((NUFORC Note: One of several reports submitted by same source. PD))