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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/30/1998 21:00 (Entered as : 05/30/98 2100)
Reported: 7/3/2009 4:58:03 PM 16:58
Posted: 8/5/2009
Location: Salem, OR
Shape: Oval

It was May 30th, 1998, 9 PM Sunday night. Had just finished watching “Touched By An Angel “ It was warm and a soft breeze had been blowing. It was twilight, not light, but not dark, the stores had just closed and people were still out, most likely heading home.

One of my cats, "Patches," now deceased, was acting strangely and wanted out, so I went to the door and followed her out and glanced at the sky in front of the house.

Then I saw it.. a large craft kind of oval in shape, about the size of a car, could not make out the shape, it was diffused light, off in the distance, moving very slowly and seemingly very low altitude towards me. My husband came out to see what I was looking at and I pulled him down the sidewalk, away from the artificial lights of the house, we were standing by the edge of the house, near the garage. We both noticed that the light in the craft was golden in color, and was flickering like a candle. All the sudden, the entire craft, ship, blew up, I screamed.

Pieces of it blew up, down, and sideways, we could watch the metal burning, and dripping, as I watched the pieces fall, still burning to below the tree line and out of sight. There was no sound..

I ran for the phone and called 911 and reported a “ plane “ might have blown up. Then I heard sirens and said ‘ Oh someone already had reported this to you? The 911 operator said “ No, it was an accident on the bridge, “ I said, they probably saw what we did and ran into the wall of the bridge. So I did report the explosion.

Then I called our local airport tower, and no planes were reported in trouble. I called the military in Portland Oregon because they have a helicopter wing NG in Salem , again no planes or choppers missing or in trouble. I called PDX and reported it to the tower in Portland , and then I called SeaTac in Seattle area and again reported the incident. Nothing, but they did take my name in case something or someone ended up not arriving at their destination. I even called Evergreen Helicopters which is located about 28 miles from Salem and again, nothing was reported out of the ordinary.

Early the 2nd day / morning sometime after midnight, I was so frustrated that I decided to take a chance and called for the number of Cheyenne Mountain in CO.NORAD might be able to tell me something I called and was very fortunate to have a Air Force man take the call, and explained my reason for the call and he promised to look into it and call me back, I thought I would not hear from him again. I said, "it could be a asteroid or something", but I really needed to know what it was I saw. So as promised, he called back several hours later.

He said “ according to their reports/records, nothing man made entered the Earth's atmosphere at that time.” I said “ You mean it was a asteroid or something ? “ He said “ You are not listening to me, NOTHING MAN MADE and he accented the words MAN MADE, ENTERED THE EARTHS ATMOSPHERE AT THE TIME OF YOUR SIGHTING.” Then it dawned on me he was telling me what I needed to know. He asked if there was anything further he could do, I said no and thanked him and we hung up. What was this sighting.. Was it a small craft? Did it blow up or was it shot down? We watched the molten metal falling, where was it from? Why didn’t we hear anything? It seemed a few mere miles away.. how far away was it? Why didn’t someone else report this? 5/30/1998