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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/1/1984 20:00 (Entered as : 05/01/84 20:00)
Reported: 6/7/2009 6:50:27 AM 06:50
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Burnsville, MN
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:5 mins.
Enormous Rectangle object with rows of red and white lights

In either the spring or fall of 1983 or 1984 while driving down Highway 13 in Burnsville, MN I saw something unbelievable. It was approx between 8:30-9pm and I was driving eastbound on highway 13. I noticed through the upper right corner of my windshield HUGE lights. At first I thought it was a blimp because it was moving so slowly SW to NE. It was so odd that I pulled off the road so I could get a better look at it. There was a football game going on at the Burnsville high school and so I initially thought it was a blimp that was going to hover over the field with a display like the American Flag? But, it had rows of lights (one row of red the next row white with several rows) but after pulling onto the side of the road and I got a better look at it I saw there were only rows of red and white and it was a rectangle shape and wasn't a blimp. It was enormous, I'd have to guess it was close to the size of a football field at minimum. I remember wondering how it stayed afloat because it was moving so slow. So I rolled my window down so I could hear if there was any engine noise. There was possibly a faint hum at best, but it was hard for me to tell because cars were passing by and it wasn't quiet enough. I sat and watched it slowly move out of sight and there was one other car in front of me that had also pulled off the road. I never spoke to the person/s in the car in front of me, now I wish I would have so we could have shared observations.

I had been on my way to meet a group of friends at Burnsville Bowl, when I arrived they asked why I was so late. I remember looking at my watch, but since it's been so many years ago I cannot remember how late I was or how much time I was missing. I know I was confused because I had told them I saw some weird cool lights but had only sat on the side of the road for maybe 15 minutes.

I never reported the sighting because I was convinced that HUNDREDS of people would have seen the same thing I had because of it's size and slow speed and surely many people would call it in! I did faithfully watch the news for the next few days hoping I'd hear about it but never did. I'm regretful that I did not report the sighting then because now I cannot provide an accurate date or time. Now I think I understand why so few photographs exist, because while it was happening I was unable to take my eyes off of it and was completely mesmerized! I may not have an exact time/date, but I will not forget what I saw.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))