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Occurred : 5/30/2009 17:00 (Entered as : 05/30/09 17:00)
Reported: 6/4/2009 2:55:03 PM 14:55
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Smithfield, RI
Shape: Chevron
Duration:10 min
Chevron shaped craft filmed in daylight.

On the afternoon of May 30, 2009, my four-year-old son and I were playing soccer at Deerfield Park in Smithfield RI. At 1700 hours myself and eight other adults noticed a chevron shaped craft fly over us at an altitude of around 3000 ft. The speed of the craft was very slow and was silent.

Our first thought was that it was some type of military drone. I remembered that I had a camera in my car. As I ran to my car to get my camera the craft increased speed and altitude. By the time I started filming the craft, I estimated its altitude to be at over 15,000 feet. The video shows the craft flying in a circular motion in and out of the clouds. After over three minutes of filming, the craft flew out of view.

The other adults who witnessed the event were all strangers and I have no way of contacting them. I do frequent the park often with my children. I hope to run into one of the witnesses at the park in the near future. The entire event lasted about ten minutes.