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Occurred : 5/25/2009 02:00 (Entered as : 05/25/09 2:00)
Reported: 5/28/2009 12:22:33 PM 12:22
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Mesa, AZ
Shape: Sphere
May 25th, 2009 1 00 AM, i was sitting on my balcony. Smoking a cigarette , and talking to my girlfriend.

i have been staying up all night lately, because i have been seing and Filming Slow Pulsing UFOS for the past week.

I believe what i saw may 25th at 2 30 am was one of these same crafts But closer, lower, and brighter.

At 1 00 AM, my girlfriend stopped me mid sentence and exclaimed "What the heck is that" i turned around and there was a tremendously bright yellowish white light...looked to me at the time that it could be a plane coming Straight at us...{i watch the sky alot and im familiar with planes and what we have in our skys} but as i watched it i realized, a plane would have moved a bit more by now....this object was barely moving visible to the eye.

That was the first thing that raised my suspicion about this light...we watched it hover for a few minutes...and i decided to run and grab my camera...

just to get a better look at girlfriend decided to go to bed...i felt compelled to stay up.

When i got back outside. the light was no longer white/yellow, But it was Pulsating ALL colors green red blue white purple, {same as the other lights i have filmed} - when zoomed in these lights have a colored aura ive seen the aura double in size and pulse vibrantly...I noted in my log it looked like a contained Aurora borealis Over AZ...I watched this light and filmed it briefly...i noticed this light was pulsing Inteligently...with a pattern so to speak...this is the first time i have observed these pulsations in an intelligent pattern.every 15-20 secconds the light would pulse solidly blue then solidly red.

i thaught this was indeed a sign of life connected to this object.after 2 minutes of filming this object i put my camera down...lit a cigarette and just watced it. This was at approximitely 1 30 AM I watched it for about 30 minutes and at about 2 00am it seemed much closer and much brighter.

I decided to take out my camera again. What i saw when i zoomed on this object at 2 00 AM may 25th took my breath away.

What before looked like a pulsing sphere was now...a 2 toned sphere of 2 Toned i dont mean.. 2 colors i mean the bottom 2/3 was bright light and the top 1/3 was solid object. when i zoomed on this orb You could see the top 1/3 of the object was dark...or solid,the bottom 2/3 had a Glowing Core of moving light with Red and Blue Lines of light shooting or swimming all around it, like NOTHING i have ever seen on earth. on the video you cannot see this...until i expiremented with color settings i found. sharpening this image and turning contrast down to eliminate any kind of glare you can see what i saw.

here is a link to a clip i posted on you tube this Light hovered slowly Moving twords me for a very long time i went to bed at 5 am because the sun was coming up and the object seemed to be moving Upwards after 4 00 am. it was back near that area -South of the Usery mountain range- May 27th 1am.

but not this morning on the 28th.

I WOULD ALSO. like to note the strangest occurance...there is a point... i included it in my Youtube clip where i was about to adjust my camera. i remember my thaught prior i was thinking "GOD this light is so amazing i wish i could communicate" i thaught that right before i moved my camera....and in my footage ONLY i did not hear this noise... i did not notice it until i watched it the next day.

There is a noise....right before the Easily Distinquishable sound of the camera rustling there is A multiple Octave STRANGE ...kind of raspy OTHERWORLDY noise...ive listend to it 100thousand times probably by now and it shakes me to my core everytime i have no explenation for this whatsoever...and i hope you watch my footage and hear it for yourself