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Occurred : 5/23/2009 20:38 (Entered as : 23/05/09 20:38)
Reported: 5/25/2009 10:05:59 PM 22:05
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Orting, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:4 minutes
Very intense Hot white lights w/t-shaped body moving extremely fast.

We were sitting is our backyard talking about the upcoming birthday party for our son.

Being a retired service member with extensive fight experience I am always scanning the sky.

We were Talkling when I noticed a pair of really bright white lights coming out of the west. This is not a normal direction for commercial aircraft flight patterns around here. The lights were brighter then any I could recall, A I watched them coming as asked my wife to look at them.

The light contined to approach, never dimming, as they passed overhead there appeared to be a t shaped opject in the middle of the lights, travelling with the top of the t as the leading edge. This set of lights and craft passed Directly overhead at an altitute significantly higher then cermmercial aircraft in the area.

One of the unusual issues here was the complete lack of sound, there were no contrails, and no burn trail like a shooting star. The craft continued heading east at a extreme speed, as it pulled away the light grew in intensity, simular to a jet going into afterburner except the light was pure white. There were no navigation beacons that could be seen, nor any navigation lights, or anti-collision beacons.

Neither myself nor my wife thought to grap a camera as we sat there kind of mezmerised by what we saw.