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Occurred : 5/25/2009 21:30 (Entered as : 05/25/09 21:30)
Reported: 5/25/2009 8:10:09 PM 20:10
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Goodlettsville, TN
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 sec
2 circles shapes moving across the sky , was not a bird or a plane

It was on May 25,2009 around 9:30 pm, I was outside cooking some hamburgers. I was sitting in my rocking chair looking up at the sky, looking at stars and watching planes go by. Then from the south comes these 2 dots,( they look like when you take a flash light and shine it into some smoke in a far off distance you have the round shape of a light)it had no blinking lights too it at all. The came from the south and headed north.. The first one was moving in a straight line and the one behind it look like it was struggling too keep up with it and was moving around behind it. Then it disappeared. There where no clouds, just a clear night. I know what i saw and it was not no airplanes nor birds. I know what i saw and i don't want ppl to think i am crazy.