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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/23/2009 17:15 (Entered as : 05/23/09 17:15)
Reported: 5/23/2009 11:00:27 PM 23:00
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Grand Prairie, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 seconds
Orbs seen very high just stationary

I have been taken pictures of planes in the sky in the area to test out my new powerful lens on my camera. I have noticed a few black dots in some photos I have taken that seem to be following the craft. [Photo emailed] I don’t see them with my eyes but seem to notice them only on the pictures. They are so small. I thought ok I’m sure they are dust particles on the lens. Strange I only see these particles so far under planes.

Today marked a new strange phenomenon. I was watching a high flying plane passing by and thought to take some pictures to test the limits of my lens. To my puzzlement I noticed in the pictures [photos emailed] a few bright orbs that seem to stay stationary as the plane fly’s right next to them then makes a sharp turn to the right. There was one dark orb that seemed to be lower (closer to ground) then the other orbs that where white. Picture after picture they just stayed stationary as the plane passed by. I thought maybe I’m looking at stars but it was day time and sunset was not until another 3 hours. I’m not sure what I saw. I took other pictures of clouds around the same time. I looked for possible other orbs thinking that they might be stars but could not find any. I’m not sure what I saw but will now keep an eye out for more activity.